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It’s been some time since I wrote anything here, but it’s also a growth phase for me. Let’s do a quick recap and update:

#1 – I had a busy January working with my training and coaching clients and signed on a few more who are awesome learners.

I’ve been blessed to sign on new clients to my Apex NLP Certification Coaching program, where the program is blended for optimal learning. I literally teach in groups, but coach one-on-one, supported by a massive library of NLP content. Recently, I even did an NLP Webinar, which helped me to realize the impact of my training on people (I had people join me whom I trained from 15 years ago). It was an interesting month also because I had a flurry of last minute training engagements that led to major delays in payment.

The sum total of these delays were over $40k, delayed for over 3-5 months!

Yeah, send them a letter of demand, right? Well, the truth is that while I may be clear to do that in this case, I am mindful of my energy and focus. The reason why the delays took place was because I was anxious in delivering programs to these companies. However, things and people had changed, and these corporate partners were not upfront in keeping things transparent about why payment delays were happening.

So it got me thinking – this is a vicious cycle. While I can continue to work with those who are indeed a good fit for me, it doesn’t always mean that they will. In addition, it also meant that there is a need to observe where these blocked ‘flows’ are from my own decision making processes.

After I made a switch to an energy that was more life-giving, I realized that there was a big transformation in ‘energy flow’. The stuckness was disappearing because I was returning to my roots of giving, contributing and looking out for the interests of others. In the span of 2 days, I signed 2 coaching clients and 3 more meetings are pending. This is by no means a difficult feat. All it is, is my abilities were severely constrained because I needed a reminder that when life goes well, prepare for times when it doesn’t!

#2 – I contracted and recovered from COVID.

One thing that realized about the Omicron thing was that COVID was another test of how to prepare for the worst. We were conscious about this choice to contract COVID (both me and Elena are not vaccinated, I’m not anti-vax, just that my circumstances do not require me to be vaxxed and I don’t really care to shop in malls, etc). So, hanging out in places with COVID was not difficult during the spike in March.

We planned by upping our supplement intake. It was a cocktail of liver, kidney, gut and stomach supplements coupled with vitamin C, D3 and omega-3 oils that we did a couple of weeks ahead to prepare, then when we came down with COVID, continued with the protocol. We are still cautiously monitoring for long COVID, but I am happy to say the symptoms mostly died out 7 days after, and I was already working out on day 3. I’m happy to also report that physical fitness probably helped me recover faster.

However, there was one thing that was a drawback for me. During this period of preparation and recovery (which took about 6 weeks), I literally was so focused that I left out doing many other things. During recovery, I was fatigued to a point of sleeping 12 to 14 hours in a day. Not a good or bad thing, but made me realize that when aiming for the bullseye, be careful of the bull!

If you’re too focused in your energies to get one thing done, it will get done – just don’t forget that there are other priorities that are crucial. More importantly, it takes far more preparation to recover from an illness than the actual period of recovery itself. I believe the same kind of preparation in your health, relationships, marketing and finances will also be necessary!

#3 – Accelerated Expertise will launch in two weeks.

So, my plans to get Accelerated Expertise (site not ready yet) out was stymied, but I’m glad to report that the main learning content is 95% done, and it will take me a couple of days to slap on the landing pages for the product to launch anyway.

So, if you are interested to learn how to read a book in an hour, especially if you are a coach, consultant or trainer and need to build knowledge and competency, you definitely need to gain this skillset to optimize your time when learning.

Mindsets for Mastery will be my next program moving forward and I aim to develop and launch it by the 2nd week of June. It is essentially a focal point of my study in mindset and what’s such a big deal about it. Many people seem to talk about it as if it is the most important thing in the world, but nobody really understands it, and often construe it as mind-over-matter. So I decided to highlight the fact that it is not one mindset, but multiple mindsets. These mindsets are related to goal sets, and a system of your unconscious behavior that determines whether or not you actually accomplish your goals.

Well, looks like there will be more updates to come, but in the meanwhie, stay strong and keep striving to your goals!

If you are keen to join some of my online NLP training sessions, feel free to register yourself here for the next available session!

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