Being Defeated, and Defeatist Attitudes

So I am writing this because I know many people experience what it is like to be defeated. In fact, one of the reasons why I am familiar is not only because I coach people, but I often am defeated myself.

No kidding.

You see, my batting average in business deals me about 8 defeats for every 10 prospects I meet. It basically means I have very thick skin. The trouble isn’t the defeat, but it is the defeatist attitude that I want to challenge today.

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How to Eliminate Procrastination

“A: Do you procrastinate?

B: I’ll have to get back to you tomorrow about that…”


We live in a world that demands much out of us. Every single day, there are things that are expected of us, that we have to deliver. Things such as work, expectations from family, and even things that we privately want to do but seem to have limited time resources to reach there. As a result, inner stress builds up, and it turns into us stepping into the dark side of our personality. Procrastination becomes a kind of solace.

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The Power Of Self Reflection

After being involved in the world of personal development, I come to realize that there are so many training programs that are out there that are not fully being utilized by participants. The reason why say this is because you can walk out of any kind of training program and still not reap the maximum benefits of it simply because you either forget, or find it difficult to apply the concepts.

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Flow and NLP

Flow and NLP

focus-personal-development-singaporeIf anything, the concept of Flow is related to personal development for athletes as much as anyone who wants to create peak performance in their lives. I want to introduce how you can get into flow much faster using a strategy in NLP and hypnosis called time distortion.

When you have many things happening in your mind, and you’re focus is sporadic, time seems to fly by. an hour is wasted and you really get 10 minutes worth of work done.

Conversely, when you get really still, time seems to stay still. Give it a go – sit for a minute and just focus on your heart beat and breathing.

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Personal Development: The Structure of Success


I wake up to the tiredness that feels like a vice gripping my face almost every morning. Then, I remember that this is a small part of the process. I sit up, change my breathing, and think about what I’m grateful for. I immerse myself in the emotion that fills me when I think of those moments of gratitude, pick up a genuine smile, before I stand up to tumble to the washroom.

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The Irony of Mindset

You can’t prove anything about your mindset if you’re not going through something tough.

You need to establish your direction clearly FIRST before you drive yourself to take massive action, or else you’re going to be barking up the wrong tree.

You have to be like the Hunter that begins early in the morning with clear intention and fervour, knowing that his children will starve if he does not do his job.

You cannot afford the luxury of a negative thought. It will consume you and eat you up inside. It will leave you no space for getting the life you want.

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If you have always wanted to be more persuasive, influence others to the ways of your thinking and achieve impressions that win people over to your way of thinking, you really need to study the human psychology. Wouldn’t it be great to enhance the quality of your life simply through a shift in the psychology of people you can influence and impact?

General psychology is technical and takes years to learn as an academic subject. Even then, such psychology is not immediately applicable to your business. Instead, you can acquire much of that power and MORE through the study of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP).

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Personal Development Singapore: How to Restart In Business

As an entrepreneur, I understand the worries people have in stepping into a world where there is no routine, there is not certainty, and there is not safety net for you to fall on. Most are concerned about how sure you can be when being an entrepreneur, and how clear one can be when being in a position to call the shots, even when the target board may not even be clear to shoot at.

If I were to start all over, I would have 3 key things to consider. And actually, I restarted in business just 4 years ago, after I had left my previous education business, so I had better pen these down while they are still fresh in my mind.

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Succeeding In Business

Much of the world out there talks about how easy it is to make money in business and entrepreneurship. While that may be true, I suggest that you learn a few principles before moving on.

First, you need to ensure you have an appropriate and executable business model. This is determined by how you earn your money and the process flow of such business. If you can’t see the process, you’re throwing a Hail Mary. Make the business you are in clear for yourself. After all, if you’re not clear about the business you won’t be able to  benchmark success.

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The Destructive Force of Skepticism

In my journey in training, I encounter many different points of view. One key thing I teach is the power of your mind, and how you have a choice to make. Instead of experiencing negativity, you have to learn to experience a positive mindset, which leads to generally better results in whatever you do.

However, skepticism is the war I have to fight almost every single session. Here are some common comments:

  1. Positive thinking is unrealistic.
  2. This is brainwashing.
  3. Nobody became successful just by “thinking” it.
  4. If was so simple, everyone would be able to do it.

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