When I first attended the NLP Practitioner program, I was looking for more powerful therapeutic techniques which produce results. During the program, we get to practice the techniques taught, and in doing so, learned more and more about our own capabilities. This opens my eyes to more possibilities in life. Furthermore, this program helps to enhance my understanding of psychological concepts taught in school and offers me a practical, step-by-step way to better manage my emotional states so that I can achieve my goals in life, faster. Stuart walks his talk. He is generous in his teachings and dedicated towards his students. Stuart helps you to harness more and more of your internal resources to propel you towards your dreams. If you want to accelerate your success or realise your fullest potential, Stuart is the man for you.

Vivien Tay
Asst. Case Manager

Vivien Tay

I wanted to learn more about NLP and its application on early childhood learning; by getting connected to the challenges I am currently facing and gaining better insights how I can better manage them through the program, I was able to benefit from the NLP Practitioner program. Stuart’s vast and rich experience in training and helping people from various background via NLP is itself already a great resource for learning and getting connected with the relevant resources I am looking for.

Dawn Lim
Associate Key Account Director, ASEAN

Dawn Lim

It was quite refreshing to go through a course with Stuart using primarily story-telling to teach. Stuart was engaging, alert to participants' needs and witty. The best way of learning happens when you learn in a fun and safe environment and Stuart gives just that. He was extremely knowledgeable in his field. I felt it was a surround-sound learning and I imagine this would be an amazing journey for anyone who simply has a desire to better himself/herself.

Stuart broke down concepts into bite size applications that were easily digestible. He helped me realize that I do indeed have the resources within myself to perform well in any circumstances. More importantly, he helped to clarify my goals and what I needed to do to step further in the direction of my goal.

Jeremy Lee
Senior sales account manager

Jeremy Lee

I signed up for the course mainly to learn NLP for therapeutic reasons, to help people around me. I was surprised to learn that the same NLP techniques can be used for myself, by myself. I am now able to turn almost any negative situations into positives ones and put myself in a desired state to execute crucial and complex tasks.

As this was the first professional programme I've ever attended, I felt nervous; but as the day went on, the participants and I broke ice and the next couple of days were fantastic. This is probably the only course I had so much of fun while still being able learn and apply techniques.

I've seen Stuart conducting the phobia cure on someone I know, during a separate therapeutic consultation session. It amazed me on how quickly something that affects a person so badly can be cured in just under 30 minutes. I was looking forward to learning the phobia cure techniques and was lucky to be able to test it on a fellow participant who had a mild phobia on cockroaches. Personally, for me, to be able to cure her phobia was a break through.

Our trainer, Stuart Tan was extremely helpful through out the whole certification course. After we've learned the theory, we usually form up in groups to do practical applications. Stuart made rounds and divided his attention equally among the groups. He was always there to correct the language we were using and to be sure that the techniques were applied in the correct manner. He also never failed to answer any questions that were raised. If the questions were too early to be answered (things that we will learn in the later part of the programme) he would let us know that it's still early and make sure he address the question when he visits the topic area again.

It has been 3 weeks since I attended Apex NLP of Institute's NLP Practitioner Certification Workshop and I've already started seeing myself applying the concepts and techniques in my everyday life. Simple things like speaking to someone and attending lectures in school are more effective. I'm now able to build rapport quickly with anyone I meet and have helped a couple of people around me.

I've helped a family member to make a firm decision on her career, something she has been trying to do for a very long time. Since it had been sometime since attending the workshop, I could not remember the exact steps involved. I referred to the practitioner's manual that was provided and it became my memory was refreshed very quickly. The exact steps involved were in the manual and helped me to get the structure back. The inductee was very clear after the session and have decided to go ahead with the decision that she was pondering over for a very long time.

I also helped my cousin to prepare for a singing competition that she was going to participate in. The auditions was a week away and she still had stage fright and went breathless when that happened, causing her to go out of pitch when performing. I had a one-hour therapeutic session with her to help her overcome these negative emotions and behavior. She did not know how effective it was until she went on to the auditions and performed. She was amazed by the fact that she did not feel nervous through out the whole audition, did not go breathless and singed perfectly. The judges of the show gave her good comments and she will know the result if she got into the competition in a week. (Please replace the last sentence with this when if I update again that she got into the competition: The judges gave her extremely good comments and she is now one of the 10 finalist of the show.)

Natesh Raj

I have heard so much about NLP and how it can basically change your outlook in life. To be honest I was a skeptic at first, I saw videos on NLP and thought it was some airy fairy stuffs but I was curious. I then started searching for NLP trainers in Singapore and obviously Stuart's name came to my mind as I had previously attended his Certified Motivational Coach workshop. I did not register immediately but instead gather feedback from friends who have attended NLP workshops elsewhere and research other NLP trainers in Singapore. After all that search the road leads back to Stuart again as he is the only one who was trained personally by Richard Bandler! To me that is very important as we want to learn directly from the founders of NLP himself and Stuart was the closes for me to pick the brain of Bandler.

Like I mentioned earlier, I thought NLP was just some motivational ra-ra kind of workshop which we have seen with other motivational workshops but I was wrong. Stuart was able to engage the participants without having us to jump around and giving hi-5s to one another. What I like most is the practicality of this workshop, which means we could use it to empower us in our everyday life. I know the mind is one of human most powerful resources and with NLP is just takes it to a whole new level.

One breakthrough I had is being able to manage my emotion or we call it state. We learn a technique where we are able to be happy for no reason whatsoever and to "switch off" negative self-talk almost instantly. I applied this and instantly saw result when my girlfriend commented that I seem calmer than usual and not so edgy.

Another useful technique I learn is rapport building. This is useful for me as a business owner and coach where I am required to build rapport with others. I am now able to understand not only about mirroring but the "type of language" spoken by others. By understanding their language pattern I was able to build instant connection with the person I speak to. I am an introvert and when I begin applying this to my everyday meeting with others I noticed a different in the way I communicated with others. One of the person I met in less than 5 minutes even commented "you seems like a really nice guy".

There are many more useful tools that I picked up during the workshop and I could go on and on. Even though there were many mind boggling tools that Stuart shared, he was able to break it up to us in bite size pieces and allow us to have a deeper understanding of what was being shared. What impressed me about Stuart is his vast knowledge of many other subjects and not only NLP. He was able to give us insights based on his experience and not only stuffs that can be found on Goggle.

I definitely urged you to go the NLP Practitioner Certification under Stuart as the return of investment you will get out of it is simply priceless.

Johari Sa'ad
Co-Founder Art of Marriage

Johari Sa'ad

Art of Marriage

When I first attended NLP, my brain was dead pack with so many limiting beliefs and it really stresses me out even before I start the class. As low as my confidence can go, my ego on contrary, is skyrocket high. I was cautious with my actions and words, and aware of how I am being judged by others. I felt like the least important person in the class with a lousy career which I was hoping nobody would ask for an introduction of myself (but everyone asked).

But as I move along with the class, my team mates shattered layers and layers of my limiting beliefs. I gained substantial amount of confidence, and began to believe that I am actually on par with my course mates. Believing that I have something I should be proud of, and that despite being the only lady in the class, I am able to perform just as well as the rest in the class. And my confidence is stacked on, by all the encouragements from Stuart and my course mates, Darren/Bernard/Jude specifically. A major breakthrough was definitely parts integration which we did during Day 6 of the course. I was actually quite prepared to share a conflicting story, but I spoke of a whole new different story when I tapped into my subconscious mind. Something that had really trouble me for so long, that resurface and forces me to face it. It was a tough moment, as much as I want to resolve it, I was afraid to reveal this wound to people I am not that close to tell. But I was really impressed by the session, how it forces me to come to a consensus between the conflict and the conflict's conflict. This definitely opens up a major knot deep within my heart. Also, to highlight, I learnt to reframe bad emotions and beliefs to good motivations and driving force. Changing of state has helped me greatly, irregardless at work or dealing with relationships with people.

The trainer was able to detect my emotions and thoughts throughout the class. I am not one who would raise my opinions in class, as I would usually feel that people would disregard my words. But Stuart has always identified moments when I really want to share something and allow me that opportunity. And even at moments when I have not find the right words, Stuart would arrow me and I just let my subconscious mind do the talking. At times, without the conscious filtering of words, I find that my words connect better with my heart.

Janet Lim PC

Research Coordinator, A*STAR Biomedical Sciences Institute (BMSI)

Stuart Tan is the closest you can get to Dr Richard Bandler's style of teaching at Apex Institute of NLP Singapore. He strategizes, executes, and measures NLP training to educate practitioners about NLP in accordance to The Society of NLP's requirements.

An Awesome Trainer at heart, a linguist himself, the training draws individual creativity while trainees have fun in learning.

After going to local previews of NLP in Singapore, no local trainer in Singapore I have seen comes as close to Dr Bandler. As much as I was trained by Dr Bandler himself at the practitioner level, after reviewing Stuart's NLP practitioner course, he is indeed the best NLP trainer in Singapore if not Asia.

He draws out the best in you.

Zai Fadillah

"Quit My Engineering Job... To Do What I Love"

My name is Nott. I’m from Thailand. I met Stuart Tan while I was working as an Engineer in Singapore. I always like to bring myself up to the next level and I’d fallen for NLP since the first day I was introduced to it. NLP, so far, has the biggest influence to my thinking, decision and actions. I see things in more structured way. I quit my engineering job right after the course and started a new journey on my educational training business. Within a year of doing this, I couldn't believe I made so much more money in such a short span of time, and did this with only 10% of the time I needed compared with my 12-14 hour a day job previously. This gave me more time to explore other business and training opportunities to help improve the education and success mindset of people in my country. I expect to earn double of my previous income after a year with NLP knowledge. I will definitely continue my personal development and related education with Stuart. Simply, because his knowledge and qualification is already among the top best and he’s got tangible results. I’m very satisfied with the result I got for the money I invested to learn from him.

Nott Khun

WhyNott Success

I've heard and read so much about Stuart, and it's a surreal experience to finally meet him in person today. He's super inspiring and humourous, and packed so much value into his keynote speech. I learnt from him critical principles as well as practical techniques to hone my marketing skills as a trainer. Thanks Stuart!"

Eugene Seah, Principal Trainer

Trainium Academy

Before taking up Certified Motivational Coach program (CMC), I was a fresh graduate still pondering over my career direction. I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do. During CMC, Stuart not only help me explore my life direction, but also equip me with the same skills to coach others. After CMC, although I was employed by A*star as a research officer, I was also coaching my colleagues and other friends during lunch breaks and after work hours. This not only helps me understand them better as a person and make me a better communicator, but also brings fulfillment to my life whenever I contribute to help someone.

A year later, I wanted to enhance my coaching competency, so I took up the NLP Practitioner course. Stuart is an exemplary trainer. He creates a great learning environment and builds my confidence as a practitioner. NLP not only build upon my coaching and communication skills, it also makes me adopt a curious approach and have the freedom of choice even in the face of adversity. Because of that, I was able act as a facilitator to overcome research challenges, and also to resolve conflicts between colleagues.

On top of coaching which deals with one to one or small groups, I thought that I could contribute much more if I could learn how to engage and train an audience, therefore, I took up the Train the Trainer course (TTT). Stuart gave us really good models and feedback during the training. I even notice my own progress during the course, from a boring speech to a confident one. Not only that, I have also been given the opportunity to co-train with Stuart, and constantly receive feedback to improve myself to become a better trainer. I even joined the Toastmaster club as a platform to utilize what I have learnt.

Stuart is not only an exemplary trainer, but also an excellent mentor. He still continues to provide guidance and feedback to my progress as a coach, trainer, and a person. Recently, I have been fortunate to be selected as the chosen candidate for GSK Future Leaders Program. I believe that I was selected not because I was lucky, but because I was well equipped through the courses I have learnt.

Japheth Lim

Before I attended the NLP Prac Certification, I was confused and feeling helpless in life. Days passed me by, but I did not know what I was busy about, or what value I was creating to the others around me in life. After the NLP Prac, I was able to slow myself down, observe my own thoughts, and give myself more credit in what I have done, and not just going with the flow/ majority. Stuart is a great approachable mentor who stimulates deeper thinking and I am thankful to have came across his NLP Prac Certification course.

Jeon Chen Meijun

The Best Investment In My Life!

Stuart is one of the most approachable and sincere mentors I've ever had. He shares whatever he knows generously during and after the program. His in-depth understanding of NLP is not just evident in his teaching, but in how he has applied it to his personal and professional life. He's someone who walks his talk and practices what he teaches everyday. Stuart's unique style of delivery - packed with humor and stories - has not only helped me to grasp and remember the concepts well, but apply the techniques with ease and confidence. He has this special ability to explain difficult concepts in a manner so simple that anyone can learn and understand NLP.

I was able to be more certain and confident as I'm now not only able to influence my own emotional states and behaviors to create the results I desire, but also shift and influence others' emotional states and empower them in a positive way, develop greater awareness of my own (and others') language patterns whenever I speak as I do my best to bring out the best in others, reconcile with my inner conflicts and arrive at a state of peace and clarity by utilizing the Identity Integration technique, access the state of confidence at will by firing off the anchors, and model key role models in the areas of public speaking, selling, persuasion and trading for professional gain.

I'm really glad that I've found Stuart and came for his NLP certification program. It's the best investment I've made in my life so far.

Alan Chung, Financial Advisor, Educator, Trader

I had achieved a break through (in fact a breaking down of the prison walls that kept me bounded all these years) and realised that holding on the emotions and feeling of seeking justice actually hurt me more that anyone else. The main point was letting go (although I am aware of it but couldn't just do it). After a session with Stuart, I realised that I was holding on to a piece of "burning coal" that I intended to throw it at the person who hurt me, and I was the only one being hurt all these years. It made me realise that I was holding on too heavily and rigidly on the moral values thus giving myself no leeward to step out of it (like painting myself to a corner). In the end, the 'want and need' for "freedom" for myself made me decide to throw away all the old feeling and emotions and step out of the "prison". I would not be able to achieve it without the help from Stuart. To this, I thank Stuart for all his help and patience.

The trainer was personalised, detached from being judgemental and conducted himself in a mature manner (although sometimes he poked fun with a few of the trainees that he knew well). He knew his subjects very well and carried out his work in a professional manner. He had vast experience in this field of NLP and was able to apply it effectively and was able to give illustrations spontaneously without any hesitation ( a hallmark of a well learned trainer). He made me learn to find my new-self.

Mok Cheak Kuan, Business Consultant

Stuart is a role model himself with years of experience which all of us can learn from. He has his own unique way to keep the class lively and share with us all his valuable stories and experiences. Definitely a good speaker who is full charisma and humor. Someone who I wish to model after as a public speaker. Wish I have more opportunities to learn from him.

Ivan Yu, Consultant

When I first attended this class, I felt so excited about learning something that I have been looking for! I think that Human Beings can be classified into two categories; The Task-Oriented and The Human-Oriented. I am sure that I belong to the latter, and thus I will be able to benefit myself with this 60-hours intensive class. Although I had little practice to this moment, I can see the difference in the answers I get from people. I hear the way people replying to me was with more clarity and with what I want and what they wanted to look for, and I definitely felt the little improvement in myself handling situations and people. I believe, with more practice, I will be able to open up people's mind quickier! Although I think that the number of ways to master is equal to the number of people in this world, I will still do my best to benefit every living lives that I possibly can, because every starfish you threw back to the ocean, is doing a change in their lives. Stuart was patient, and kind enough to withstand my nagginess on the questions. I actually felt PAISEH to keep asking him questions, because I think I have a lower understanding ability. (Sorry Stuart.) He has helped me in clarifying most of my doubts! I said "most" because my other mysteries can be solved by the notes!

Tay Kai Hong, Financial Consultant

NLP opened up a whole new set approaches for me when interacting with people.
The learning took place in a fun and interesting way. The lessons learnt are invaluable and exclusive.
The trainer planned & organized the program in such a way that a complex ideology appears simple and easily absorbed,digested and internalized by fellow participants in a relaxed environment. Kudos to Stuart Tan.

Sharene Goh, Senior Pharmacist, Watsons Singapore

When I first attended the introduction of the NLP seminar, I was at the point of reaching the lowest point of my life in my workplace. At that point of time, Time, money and certificate of NLP wasn't really a concern to me. All that mattered most to me is: can I reverse the [negative] tide after I sign-up for the program? Is the 6-day program course really sufficient? Will I be able to focus and not lose interest? Can I process all the knowledge & skill, even though, I do not have any fundamental knowledge of NLP...?

When I first attended the class, I felt really comfortable with the environment and people. It was as though as the class has install an "Air purifiers" that spreading " Positive Ions" and circulates within the class recharging the positive energy. The class was interesting and engaging, more importantly the concept and the fundamental is easy to understand upon explanation by mentor Stuart.

Throughout the 6 day program, I felt that I am more aware of my subconscious existence. The external resource that i am looking for was actually within myself. With the teaching & advice of the class and mentor, I have learn things that isn't taught in school and can be apply in my daily life. At the end of the program, I feel more stronger (mental state), motivated and confidence.

Last but not least, I like to express my thanks to all the facilitators & Stuart for spending time explaining and answering questions, sharing experience and showing me the ropes. You have my gratitude. Thanks.

Pang Kok Hong, Technician Specialist

Before attending the NLP Practitioner Certification with Stuart Tan, I was skeptical and uncertain how NLP can benefit myself. However, once I stepped into this circle of NLP, I was enlightened by the energy that Stuart Tan has shown throughout the entire course. I was able to network with like-minded people who were also there to empower themselves and to allow themselves to be more resourceful. Being surrounded by people with positive mindset makes the course an energetic and enjoyable one. Time flies when being you’re having fun. The course has allowed me understand myself better. I was able to search deeper into my emotions and manage my state better. Everyone will have conflicts or issues to solve, being able to manage your state effectively allow oneself to move forward and resolve problems better and efficiently. The brain is a very powerful tool. I am now able to leverage on the brain and the skills I have learnt to help others and as well as myself to feel more resourceful and achieve their goals. I came out of the course a different person, in a positive manner of course. Stuart Tan is definitely the man to go to for NLP. He is always full of energy and is very knowledgeable. I will surely recommend anyone who wants to learn more about NLP to look for Stuart. Two thumbs up for Stuart!

MC Choo

When Stuart started the class by explaining that we might feel like what we see in the movie "The Matrix", I was skeptical. He told us that we are "in the world". By the end of the course, we will be able to see the "code" that form "the world". I could not grasp the meaning at that moment.
As the lessons progressed, I begin to understand where he is going. The language that we hear everyday, the action/reaction that we see/felt/hear can actually help us to understand more about a situation or a person. By asking the right questions, we understand more about ourselves and also help others to understand more about themselves.
Language becomes a powerful tool. By using language, you can actually "program" a person. And after going through the lessons in the course, I begin to see code after code in a sentence. Finally, I realized that I can actually "see" and "program" the code in a person's life. This will greatly help me to decide my decision in life.
Regarding our instructor, Stuart. When he speaks, we listen. He has that kind of magnetism that will attract you to his speech. His explanation is clear and easy to understand. His sincerity and willingness to go the extra miles to help some of the participants and also sharing of extra information are really commendable. From the few days in training, I realize that his passion for NLP is undeniably strong. With his guidance, together with his patience and knowledge in the subject, I am sure anyone can benefit by attending the training.

Joe Teh, Manager, Blogger, Photographer

I felt really excited when I first attended Stuart's NLP Practitioner Program. Because I heard great things from public speakers, books about what NLP able to help one achieve great success and happiness. After learning NLP from Stuart, I able to control my emotional state better whenever I meet obstacles along the way. Communication is also improved with the learning of Milton Model (Language Pattern). Moreover I able to observe people better by using the representation system that helps me to communicate using the right language pattern with them. This helps me create rapport with the people I am talking to. After listening to all the benefits of what NLP able to help you, I would strongly recommend anyone who has keen interest to learn NLP to learn from the Great Trainer, Stuart Tan. He is simply awesome in the way he teaches NLP whereby he is able to explain each modules so explicitly without the stress of learning the hard way.

Kevin Li

I attended the course with no particular expectations in mind. I was pleasantly surprised that some of the techniques were fairly easy to use and can have a good impact on the clients that I work with. I particularly like the motivation aspect and it is definitely useful to shift perspectives and to have a more positive outlook on life. Stuart definitely has expert knowledge in the area and even better, he was able to apply techniques with great ease. I am most impressed by his openness to sharing his knowledge. It is not often that I chance upon trainers who are so willing to share their knowledge.

Karen Foote

I came with some expectation that NLP will help me overcome my insecurities and fears which I could not comprehend and did not know how to deal with. The trainer has helped me to understand that it is my thoughts that directly influence my behaviors, triggered by external factors. This has empowered me to better control my thoughts to focus on the positives so as to impact my behaviors positively. In particular, the trainer has skillfully explained the logic and whys of NLP, he has also provided us with hands on opportunity to experiment and try out the techniques. The trainer has also provided us with different tools and techniques for different situations and needs.

Kenneth Soh, Manager

I felt funny: why am I attending this course as I don't even know what NLP is and how it can help me. Now I had come to realise how brain can do wonders.

I have a clearer picture of what I want for my career, that will be Property Agent again.
I was once a full time property agent and after earning some money I had become very lazy and thinking that money is so easy to earn and this laziness for the past 3 years had also cause me to be have a lot of credit cards debts I was very down and I was lost. Now I'm working in a company for 2 years + as a sale executive, the environment of the company was good just that the pay is not that good. During this pass few years I still holding on to my property licence just that I had no energy, no mood and no resources to go and do it.

After attending the course.... Once again I'm charge up and is stronger this time as I know where I shall start and how I should go about doing it. I can find all the resources I need and this course really help a lot. After attending the first part of the lessons, I find the resources for me to work on my property stuff even after I reach home after my full time job.

As of 30 Sept 2013, I just had my very first closing for the past 3 years which the commission is around $2k. Is a very good start and I can visualise more will be coming and in no time I will be a full time agent earning the money. I want to earn and having the freedom and happiness I want to have.

John Koh

I've got to say that this has been an amazing experience at Jumpstart to Entrepreneurship. The unique models taught in this course allow me to brain storm for ideas and solution, and also keep within scope and focus. What was definitely most useful was how NLP was incorporated to help me handle states which are critical in making a good or a bad decision.

Japheth Lim

A Research Company

“One Of The Most Exceptionally Gifted Coaches I’ve Ever Seen!”

Stuart Tan is one of the most exceptionally gifted caches I’ve ever met. Frankly, I don’t have much respect for most of the folks who parade themselves around as ‘coaches’ these days. Most of them do not have even the basic skills required to coach themselves let alone clients. Stuart is not only qualified – at his young age, he’s attained a degree of world class mastery that few will ever reach. He’s one of very small handful of people I trust enough to go to for this type of assistance, and I do so regularly.

Mark Joyner

Construct Zero, Inc

“Would Recommend Stuart As Coach To Anyone”
Stuart has been more than a wonderful coach, mentor and friend to me. I especially enjoyed his NLP Master Practitioner and Life Coaching lessons as he was always able to make the lessons come alive. Having practiced what Stuart taught me, I began to believe in myself in a more authentic way. This new-found surge in confidence yielded several career highlights for me in 2011-12 alone: keynote speaker in HR Youth Forum organized by NTU, panel member in HR Summit, Finalist and Winner of HRM Awards (2012). As the icing on the cake, I came in Champion the Toastmasters District 81 Contests! I would recommend Stuart as the coach to anyone who has a genuine desire to be all that they can be.

Lee Jin Hwui

Land Transport Authority

“Demonstrated Both Breadth And Depth In Psychological Foundations”

I attended a leadership course that was run by Stuart. To my surprise his style was both motivational and entrepreneurial. He demonstrated both breadth and depth in psychological foundations and quite clearly had a significant amount of experience in change management. His deliver was well managed. I found his openness and sincerity quite refreshing.

Mark J. Womersley

Singapore-Delft Water Alliance (SDWA)

“The Class Was A Transformative Experience For Me”
“I attended a two day course on Transformational Leadership taught by Mr Stuart Tan, sponsored by NUS.  Mr Tan was a very creative lecturer.  He mixed aspects of neuroscience, organisational psychology, management theories as well as stories of can-do spirit of business titans and personal friends who live in the limitless realm of possibilities in putting his case across to us – that we can be more than who we think we are today.  The class was a transformative experience for me and I will remind myself to try to effect the same sort of transformation to the people I work with in my office and various other groups I am involved in.”

Dr Gillian KOH