TEIQue: Empowering Leaders & Teams Through Emotional Intelligence


Did you know that 77% of employees worldwide are not engaged at work?

Understanding the intricacies of team dynamics can be the difference between success and stagnation. To guarantee your team functions smoothly, with each member giving their utmost effort, what steps can you take?

The answer lies in TEIQue, short for Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire, a powerful tool designed to empower leaders through a deeper understanding of their teams.

Say goodbye to disengaged employees and hello to a motivated workforce ready to drive success.

Introduction to the tool, its developer and the main theory


The Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire (TEIQue) is a tool developed by Dr. K. V. Petrides to measure emotional intelligence based on the trait theory of emotional intelligence.

This theory suggests that emotional intelligence consists of a set of emotional traits, such as

  • self-control

  • empathy

  • social skills

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which can be measured and developed. Dr. Petrides’ work on emotional intelligence has been influential in the field, providing a framework for understanding how individuals differ in their emotional abilities and how these differences impact various aspects of their lives.

The TEIQue tool is widely used in research and applied settings to assess emotional intelligence and its impact on personal and professional outcomes.

What the tool is used for?


TEIQue serves as a powerful tool with diverse applications in various domains. Here’s a breakdown of how it is used:

1. Targeted development

Armed with this knowledge, you can identify areas where your team excels and areas that need improvement. This allows you to develop targeted training programs and interventions to strengthen your team’s EQ skillset.

2. Building a cohesive unit

TEIQue fosters a culture of emotional intelligence within your team. Team members become more aware of their own emotions and the emotions of others.

3. Recruitment and selection

By considering emotional intelligence alongside traditional qualifications and skills, organizations can make more informed hiring decisions and identify candidates who are likely to thrive in their roles.

4. Talent management

TEIQue is valuable for talent management and succession planning. By assessing the emotional intelligence of employees, organizations can identify high-potential individuals and tailor development initiatives to meet the specific needs of their workforce.

What the tool measure?


TEIQue goes beyond standard assessments by specifically measuring five key areas of emotional intelligence critical for successful teamwork. Here’s a closer look at what TEIQue reveals about your team’s EQ:

  • Self-perception of emotional intelligence: This measures how well team members know their own emotional strengths and weaknesses, showing their awareness of how they handle emotions.

  • Self-expression of emotions: TEIQue assesses how team members express emotions. It checks if they communicate feelings effectively, both positive and negative, promoting understanding and teamwork.

  • Social perception of emotions: This area examines how well team members understand others’ emotions. It gauges their ability to pick up on nonverbal cues, helping them adjust their communication and actions accordingly.

  • Relationship management: TEIQue looks at the team’s skill in building and sustaining positive relationships. It includes empathy, conflict resolution, and fostering trust and respect within the team.

  • Decision-making under pressure: This dimension measures how team members handle emotions in tough situations. TEIQue identifies their ability to stay calm, think clearly, and make good choices when under pressure.

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How to use it as a leader?


As a leader, you understand the importance of building a strong, cohesive team. But traditional methods often focus on technical skills and overlook a crucial element – emotional intelligence. Here’s how you can leverage it to unlock your team’s potential:

Understanding team dynamics

Utilize TEIQue to comprehend the emotional intelligence of your team members. This insight helps you tailor your leadership approach to their individual needs and preferences.

Communication enhancement

Leverage TEIQue results to improve communication within your team. Recognize how team members express emotions and adjust your communication style accordingly to foster better understanding and collaboration.

Conflict resolution

TEIQue can aid in resolving conflicts by identifying areas where team members may struggle with emotional expression or understanding. Use this knowledge to facilitate productive discussions and find mutually beneficial solutions.

Building trust and empathy

Foster a culture of trust and empathy by encouraging open communication and understanding of emotions. TEIQue helps you identify areas where team members may need support in developing these crucial skills.

Personal and professional development

Use TEIQue results as a tool for personal and professional development. Provide targeted coaching and training opportunities to help team members strengthen their emotional intelligence and enhance their leadership skills.

How to use it for personal development?


While TEIQue is a powerful tool for leaders to optimize team dynamics, it can also be a valuable resource for your own personal development journey.

1. Self-discovery through assessment

Begin by completing the TEIQue questionnaire yourself. This self-assessment looks into the five key areas of EQ: self-perception, self-expression, social perception, relationship management, and decision-making under pressure.

2. Tailored strategies for growth

Once you have your TEIQue report, focus on the areas where you scored lower. These areas represent opportunities for personal growth in your EQ journey.

3. Cultivating emotional intelligence in daily life

Take time for regular self-reflection. Reflect on your interactions with others, how you handled emotions in different situations, and identify areas where you could have used a different approach.

How to use it for communication?


  • Understanding yourself as a communicator: TEIQue helps you understand how well you “read the room” and pick up on nonverbal cues. Are you sensitive to the emotional state of others during conversations?

  • Building stronger connections: Does your communication style foster trust and empathy? The assessment can help you identify areas where you can improve active listening skills or show greater compassion during conversations.

  • Clear and concise communication: TEIQue’s self-expression insights can help you tailor your communication style for clarity. Be mindful of your tone, word choice, and ensure you’re expressing your message effectively without unnecessary emotional baggage.

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How to use it for improved teamwork?


Building a successful team goes beyond technical skills and shared goals. Here’s how TEIQue can be used for improved teamwork:

1. Enhancing team alignment


Team alignment is crucial for increased contribution and overall success. By ensuring that all team members are on the same page, you can boost productivity.

Fostering an inclusive team environment promotes collaboration and strong relationships among team members. This leads to a more positive work culture.

2. Developing collaboration skills


Building collaboration skills within the team is essential. Encouraging open communication and active listening can enhance the team’s ability to work together effectively.

Promoting a supportive work environment where everyone feels valued and heard can significantly improve team collaboration.

3. Cultivating empathy in the workplace


Inclusion work involves recognizing and appreciating the unique perspectives of each team member. Practicing empathy can help create a more inclusive and supportive environment.

Empathy plays a vital role in understanding the needs and challenges of others, ultimately strengthening team dynamics.



You’ve now grasped the power of TEIQue, from leadership to personal growth and team dynamics.

By leveraging this tool, you can enhance your communication skills, foster teamwork, and unlock your full potential. Embrace the insights it offers to become a more effective leader and team player.

Take charge today! Incorporate TEIQue into your daily interactions, both at work and in personal endeavors. The path to growth and success starts with understanding yourself and those around you.

P.S. What have you done to build emotional intelligence on your leadership journey? Share your experiences and thoughts in the comments below!

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