Master Your Change Or Change Becomes Your Master

A change happens.

Nothing new, right?

Well… until it matters.

All of our life, when information is becoming more and more rapidly transmitted across the world, the one thing we have become is a slave to distractions. At a micro level, distractions are nothing more than tiny changes that serve to jam up that intrictate mechanism in your mind.

But we never really consciously chose to put in those distractions in our heads in the first place. They all happened unconsciously. Imagine, though, if you had a protocol to clearly install the right things in your head, and filter out the tiny ones. Wouldn’t you be superhuman?

The first thing I want to emphasize is the Law of Cause and Effect. Some people call it karma. Ultimately, cause is embedded in your memory, and our bodies have amazing mechanisms for memory. DNA, for example, is memory encoded in genetics. Cellular transmission is a genetically coded memory process. So we have a lot of memory. But the question is — what in the world are we remembering?

Imagine that you live in a perfect world embodied in an infinitely powerful and perfect being. What is the purpose of this being? Well, other than staying infinite, which is rather dumb and meaningless, there’s hardly anything else to do.

Instead, what if this infinite and powerful being experienced a different reality or a world. Say, living as a human being or an animal. That kind of experience certainly shouldn’t do anything to one with infinite power. But what if the memory was hidden, and wisdom was the only key to unlock that memory?

I believe we are those infinite beings. If we had perfect memory of all things past, present and future, we would cease to have any choice as to how to progress in life. That journey would be only fulfilling with discovery, and discovery will only be meaningful when we crack the facade we live in so that we can allow our true being to shine through.

Now, I know this is probably a little abstract, so I’ll give you a couple of illustrations to help you digest this.

As a leader in an organization, what is your purpose? If you don’t have a purpose statement, you will be blown around with the fad of the day. But if you have arrived at a philosophy that the important elements of your leadership are about transforming the people around you, then you have a direction. But if that direction came easily, it wouldn’t be meaningful to you. Hence, you have to anticipate that anything worth doing will be worth suffering for. This is what we call passion.

Through that suffering, what we think of the world cracks. We crack. These breakages can be filled with darkness because as humans, we have an obsession with perfection and the whole. We don’t like breaking. In fact, depression seems to be the desire to hide what has cracked. So instead of filling it with light, people fill it with darkness and oblivion.

Conversely, when we crack, it is an opportunity to allow what was behind the crack to shine through. If we are indeed infinite, then the only thing that will unlock that power will be wisdom.

Many cause and effect patterns are frivolous. You want money to impress the girl. You want a promotion to feed your ego. You vote for your ministers so that you can get what you want.


Those are operating at ego. So, while many things can function at an ego level, there are many things you cannot control. Changes that you can control, should be managed well, but changes you cannot control should be managed gracefully. What do I mean?

I have business coachees who are working hard on their projects, getting their work done, but not producing significant results. I also have coachees who are all over the place, messy and ill disciplined but producing a lot more than the former. Why? Because the difference is not in working hard. Working hard at an ego level does not produce results. Working hard at a higher level of wisdom makes a difference.

For instance, the guy who is messy is deeply aware of his weaknesses and partners someone who is far more systematic and operationally savvy. The two make a perfect yin-yang pair that elevates them to a level beyond what they originally could have.

Taking inspiration, the guy who works hard now says “wow, I need a business partner too” and promptly goes to get a business partner, ends up getting disappointed after his partner doesn’t perform to expectation. Why? The ego thinks it can control the path of the future. Wisdom dictates that the ability to work through the universal flow. It is the soft prompting and nudging that enables inspired action to take place.

Very often, the waves that dictate you should not go somewhere are resonating in two directions. The first one is the wave reflected back at you. The more you try to move forward, the less likely you get there. At the same time, the wave doesn’t just bounce directly back at you. After all, it is a wave. It opens up directions elsewhere. So instead of working against the natural flow of the wave, you open up the possibility of working with the wave to go in a different but related direction.

This connection might seem wildly mysterious. It is not.

Many have discovered this connection with this universal “energy” a long time ago. I remember that when I find myself getting in tune with this, it orchestrates a magnificent crescendo. When I am not in the same resonance, the music I face is terrible.

The central pathway toward this awakening is something outside of a “mindset”. It is an acknowledgement of our mortality and finiteness, as a pathway toward our infinite connection through wisdom to our deepest and truest form. Some might call this spirituality. I call it a form of enlightenment. Just like grabbing at dry sand which seeps through your fingers, you simply need to hold the space of this. The approach to accessing this wisdom begins with mindfulness.

So, change happens, and you break.

Sit still and focus on what you can focus on. Your breath, a sensation, a sound, whatever. Then, notice what changes in you or around you, and return to your focal point. Then, see how long you can hold this state of mindful awareness, while shifting to a state of tranquility and peace.

This takes some practice. I’ve found that neurolinguistic programming and hypnosis assist in amplifying the speed at which you can get to these states.

Again, don’t be mistaken. Mindset is one component. Mindfulness is just another component. You still need to face the change. It is in facing the change where you adapt and reap the fruits of your labor. You have to constantly be testing how you produce meaningful and valuable results amid the background of change. Like an out of tune violinist trying to synchronize frequencies with the greater orchestra, it can be a frantic attempt to change while in the midst of a musical movement. But one does not have to be lost in such an attempt.

Instead of getting upset or emotional, mindful awareness means we are releasing what is not us. In this infinite orchestra of the universe, you first follow the rhythm. Then you calibrate one note. Then you test the note in succession, then you know that you’re harmonious with the vibration around you.

You’ll be surprised what you discover about yourself and your relationship with the universe at the end of the concerto!

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