When and Why You Should Work Hard

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So, I’ve been asked a lot, whether or not we should follow the advice of people like Gary Vee, right? Who says you gotta hustle. And conversely, there are other people who are saying that, you know, hard work is overrated, you got to take care of yourself.

I don’t think they’re mutually exclusive. I think the problem with most people is they don’t have the right timing. So when you are thinking that you’re taking a break, at a time, when you haven’t even done any work, then of course, that’s going to be ineffective. Conversely, if you are taking it really, really hard, especially once every, especially since everything has already been set up, well, you might have to revisit that and consider whether your time and your effort is actually going to be worth it.

So I just saw an ad on Facebook, and it said, “oh, people who are unsuccessful are the ones who spend the whole day calling 50 prospects on the phone, people who spend a lot of time posting 20 or 30 articles, and they spent five hours each on each of those articles”.

Well, I’ve got news for you.

First, when you invest your time in actually doing these things, and I’ve done stuff like this myself, I’m not a video editor. But I’ve actually produced this kind of quality of content. I’m not saying it’s fantastic. But what I am saying is that I’m actually getting it done, right. And I’m getting it done in this quick time as soon as possible as humanly possible. And I won’t be outsourcing this until I’m really good at it.

The other thing is that if you are spending five hours initially, now, you’ll be surprised to know that I also spent that amount of time three, four hours, maybe doing a decent video, and editing it rendering and captioning it all the other works.

But I want you to understand that there is a value in diligence, there’s also a value in getting things done quick and getting things done fast.


Because this way people can rely on you, right. So when you are experiencing something that is challenging, then all you need to do is to put on your focus, you know, shift your mode of thinking, and just go get it done, because you’ve already been doing it and it’s just clockwork to you. So this is one of the reasons why I feel that a lot of people are being hoodwinked into the idea that you know, you shouldn’t be working so hard and so on.

No, you should be working doubly hard, maybe even triply hard when you’re younger. And then as you get a little bit older and a little bit more expert, you probably don’t need to, even though you probably recognize the value of doing it, right. So yes, if you stop completely people take over you. But if you continue to continuously improve yourself, then what you’re going to have is the ability to be cutting edge, right. So you improve your capabilities, you reduce the amount of difficulty.

By reducing waste, all of those kinds of things are worth doing. So some of the things that I do with my clients, for example, would be to reduce wastage. And let’s put it this way you’re running a business, you can see very clearly what your workflow is.

Because every time you sit down, either you’re doing the thing that you’re supposed to do without having to think, which is the thing that you’re most comfortable with. That’s the danger point. Second thing is, when you need to do something new, you sit down, and you have to think because it’s going to take time away from what you already are good at doing. So that’s a zero sum game, you really need to be able to sit down, plan your workflows, plan any potential workflows based on the actions you want to take, and then adjust your ways of thinking accordingly.

Why this is powerful is because the next time you need to embark on it, even though you do it in frequently, you’ve already got a standard operating procedure, you just get it done, you run through the whole thing. You don’t have to spend time thinking about it. That’s the problem. Most of the time, when I’m generating content, what do I do, I literally sit down, I think about what I need to say, don’t have very much inspiration, start surfing the web, start reading some research articles, start reading some books of Kindle, start watching some YouTube, you know, it just goes on. And unfortunately, that’s not very productive.

So instead, there are ways by which I cultivate these ideas. And all it takes is a singular trigger for me to get on a video and then to do some kind of content like this one. So don’t be mistaken. Whenever you’re doing hard work. The neurology and the science behind goal setting is very, very clear. If you don’t set goals, if you don’t strive, you don’t keep on moving yourself to higher and higher levels, you’re going to end up being redundant, right?

And I’m saying this to those of you I don’t care whether you’re millennials or whether you’re Gen X. If you feel you’re redundant and you don’t feel like it’s worth doing any more than you probably are you’re done for because you’ve already said that stuff to yourself. I believe that one can be productive all the way into the 80s. You don’t have to add pressure to yourself, but you need to embark on something that’s meaningful, that contributes to the rest of the world but also taps into your strengths and capabilities. Whether or not you’re making extra money doesn’t really matter.

But what is important is that you have the ability to be fruitfully and meaningfully engaged. And much of the research in fulfillment and satisfaction in life proves that you cannot only be happy. That’s just one sided, right? So you need to be able to go through challenges. And maybe even if you’re lucky enough to design and setup challenges, so that you can continue to drive your motivation forward. Most people, they don’t do that, because they’re always waiting. You know, some body calls the some people call the millennials, a strawberry generation, it’s not just millennials is almost anybody who has everything that they need, right? If you’ve got everything that you need, and you don’t put yourself through some kind of a meaningful struggle, then what’s the point of living a meaningful life, right, you don’t have a reason for being alive, actually. So this is where people start to degenerate, they get into trouble. And then that kind of a dark spot, causes them to have to pick themselves up and move along again. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not espousing the idea that you have to become destitute in order to become successful. That’s not what I’m saying. I’m saying that we have enough pain already in our lives, you need to know how to harness it, you need to know how to work hard with it and add it. So if you’re no good at business, come on, it’s a matter of time before you do become good at business. If you’re bad at content generation, yeah, you can buy a course worth 1000 bucks and go and learn it yourself, you can go get a coach to help you with it, you can learn to set up a business surrounding it, it’s not a mystery, all you need to do is to recognize that you’ve got to choose some kind of a sacrifice, right? So that’s why you have to work hard at it. It’s at the sacrifice of money or time or both.

And if you don’t sacrifice one, you might find yourself feeling resentful of the idea that, you know, why am I doing so much work? What Why do I have to put in so much, haven’t I given enough? Now, those kinds of thoughts, I’m only going to debilitate you, if you have that kind of set. If you have those kinds of thoughts and their habitual, mind you, they might actually come back and bite you in the back when you least expected.

I do know a number of people who have been working very hard at certain things. And they become what I call successfully lopsided. Successfully lopsided meaning to say that you’re great in your business. But everything else gives out in your family relationships, and your social relationships, in your health, and so on. So all of those things, when combined don’t really make for a very successful life overall. So there are some minimum criteria that you need to pay attention to. So I just wanted to get this off my chest, because it’s not about whether or not you ought to work hard, you ought to work hard. Nonetheless, it’s a question of when you have to work hard. And if you’re in your 20s, work hard, even if there’s no good reason for it, it’s part of the growth mindset. Learn from it. Of course, if you can, if you’re in your 50s and 60s, putting in a little bit of hard work is part of the work ethic, right? You might if you feel resentful that you have to still work, then rethink it is not about hard work so that you can earn that extra dollar is really hard work so that you can keep on growing so that your brain can stay active. And you don’t have to degenerate into some kind of dementia or any other kind of mental illness because you’re not actively using your brain, which is what my grandpa went through. Right.

So I want you to understand that the nature of hard work really is the, to reiterate what I mentioned about staying strong in the bad conditions. That’s what is valued these days. And when you stay strong in the bad conditions, it it allows people to see your character, right. And that’s why people will trust you. And that’s why people keep going on with you because you are of that kind of caliber. when the going gets tough. You don’t have any misgivings you you take it as it comes. And it becomes such a pleasure to work with you. Because you know that when bad times happen and you’re able to withstand it, when good times are there, you can be grateful. And if you are just starting out and you’re feeling like wow, I really need to work hard. Yes, work hard. Get yourself into this mode, where it’s just a fact of life.

You know, working hard, is a measure of your character is a measure of your values is a measure of your direction in life. And if you’ve got nothing to work hard for or you feel you’re not being appreciated. Learn to appreciate yourself for the kind of value that you are getting and be willing to be open to receive that kind of feedback. Yes, maybe you aren’t doing anything that’s particularly valuable to them. Then you’ve got to ask yourself, how are you gaining your strength.

So Albert Einstein once said that, if you gauge fish by if you measure a fish by its ability to climb trees, you know that that’s going to be a really miserable fish, right? So you want to be able to decide and find out what you’re all about. You also want to decide what you’re not about, because knowing that will prevent you from going down certain paths that are not worth considering, even though you’ve thought about it before. So, having said that, I hope that has been valuable for you to understand the power of understanding the power of being strong under bad conditions, it is a very worthwhile venture to go into.

I highly recommend that you create experiments so that you can test your tenacity, right, and the pathway towards “inner activation” is through the process of picking yourself up if you fall is the process of putting yourself back together if you break down, so my friends, the faster you learn how to put yourself back together, the faster you will be in terms of reach, the faster you will actually achieve the whatever goals that you desire.


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