The Power Of Self Reflection

After being involved in the world of personal development, I come to realize that there are so many training programs that are out there that are not fully being utilized by participants. The reason why say this is because you can walk out of any kind of training program and still not reap the maximum benefits of it simply because you either forget, or find it difficult to apply the concepts.

This is where I introduce the concept of reflection. Reflection is one of the most powerful human capabilities known to man. In order for you to develop any kind of skill, self reflection allows you to think about what you’ve just done, and find out whether it’s optimum in your mind or not. Sometimes, you do this unconsciously and still reap benefits out of it. Many people don’t know how to do conscious self reflection, so they don’t know how to activate it at will. Here are some tips to help you with your own ability to activate reflection capabilities.

First, get into a relaxed state. This include centering or grounding practices that can enable you to be at peace and more stable regardless of the amount of stress that you have around you. This is essential, because without it any form of reflection is likely to be a reflection of your anxiety rather than of your insight.

Second, as you open your eyes from your relaxation, think about the problem that you want to resolve. Sometimes, it may include something that you’ve been toying with for a long time. And if you don’t have a system to actually deal with this, I strongly suggest that you either get a whiteboard or a notepad so that you can make a list of all the things that you need to do with during the week. This is a form of doing a brain dump, so that you can identify the priorities that you need to accomplish faster than the others. Once you’re able to detect your priorities, choose one and then consider the thing that you want to do with most.

Third, allow yourself to go through for key elements of your thinking. This is a model developed through a psychometric tool called Emergenetics. Ask yourself the following questions. What do you need to focus on? Next, why does this impact you? Do you know how to do with this already? Has there been a time where you’ve dealt with something similar? Third, what kinds of benefits might this bring if it were solved? What kinds of possibilities are there in terms of coming up with a solution? And finally who needs to be involved in order for the solution to be created? As you notice, you’re asking yourself questions from the whole brain perspective. This can be effective enough for you to get started through personal reflection to allow you to come to an effective solution.

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