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Flow and NLP

focus-personal-development-singaporeIf anything, the concept of Flow is related to personal development for athletes as much as anyone who wants to create peak performance in their lives. I want to introduce how you can get into flow much faster using a strategy in NLP and hypnosis called time distortion.

When you have many things happening in your mind, and you’re focus is sporadic, time seems to fly by. an hour is wasted and you really get 10 minutes worth of work done.

Conversely, when you get really still, time seems to stay still. Give it a go – sit for a minute and just focus on your heart beat and breathing.

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Singapore: Productivity or Excellence?

With the advent of the upcoming Budget in Singapore, it appears that many people in the business community are expecting additional benefits from the Government. While I will always welcome government support, I also know that this is not the defining factor. Looking at the way people have interpreted and debated the new Population White Paper, it appears that everything is now externalized. All pros and cons are evaluated based on the lines of tangible hard facts of economics versus the soft intangibles of social benefit.

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Principles Of Personal Transformation: Decisions

I was having a ‘collective’ conversation with my wife over the last few meal slots we had at a seminar.. We were having a discussion about making changes to some plans we had and going to a conference, but there was a dilemma. We didn’t know how to make the decision.

I guess it’s common, right? I know a lot of people who kinda make decisions on a whim, or don’t make decisions at all. And I think the trouble with many people is that they can’t make decisions.

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Personal Development Singapore: Social Confidence

Ah, the wonders of the internet. After getting some mails, I find that many are concerned with the issue of social interaction, so I decided to discuss confidence in a social setting.

According to Carl Jung, we have two sides of our character – the introvert and the extravert. If you take this knowledge into account, you will begin to understand how social confidence is built.

Introversion-oriented people tend to stay in smaller groups, often speaking one-on-one with others and focusing a lot on their work related topics because that is what preoccupies them the most. Extraversion-oriented people will tend to speak randomly about a good number of things and often end up covering a broad number of topic areas in a social interaction.

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Personal Development Singapore: Confidence

Just recently, a fairly senior manager of a local company approached me and asked me a very surprising question. He asked how he could become more confident in front of his customers.

Now, mind you, this is a manager who has had over 12 years’ experience in the same industry. You would have thought he had the capability to achieve this by now! However, confidence is not just about a skill – it’s a state or a feeling that you need to experience.

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