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Flow and NLP

focus-personal-development-singaporeIf anything, the concept of Flow is related to personal development for athletes as much as anyone who wants to create peak performance in their lives. I want to introduce how you can get into flow much faster using a strategy in NLP and hypnosis called time distortion.

When you have many things happening in your mind, and you’re focus is sporadic, time seems to fly by. an hour is wasted and you really get 10 minutes worth of work done.

Conversely, when you get really still, time seems to stay still. Give it a go – sit for a minute and just focus on your heart beat and breathing.

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Transforming A Life

Red UmbrellaIn my past, I was involved in working with students and helping them to change. I caught up with one of them over lunch, and had taught him in school when he was just 16, in Secondary School.

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Overcoming Stress: How NLP approach is backed by further research

I chanced upon a recent study to show how a personal self affirmation of personal values actually helps to reduce stress but also manif3st better r3sulits in students. My thought was… “doh, took you so long to figure it out?”

Of course, I am being a little facetious. The point is that NLP still seems so far ahead of its time that psychology is trying to catch up. In spie of that, I find that the blend of both serves clients who need help much better.

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Personal Growth: Counseling And Therapy In Singapore

The interesting thing about being involved in psychology is that we start learning more patterns when we meet more clients, and when new research comes up that tightens our understanding, it becomes so apparent what was the cause of our client’s discomfort. The ability to explain and solve a client’s emotional problem is tremendous.

counselling and therapy singapore

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Upcoming Events

60 hour certification process on the world\'s most powerful personal development tool. Learn to apply this to activate your inner potential and help others do the same.

Pre-requisites: None.
Licensing Body: The Society of NLP and Dr. Richard Bandler

12 Aug 2017, Sat, 8am to 7pm
13 Aug 2017, Sun, 8am to 7pm
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