Life Coaching: Singapore Needs More!

You may have heard about Life Coaching, but have no clue what it is all about. Essentially, anyone who experiences difficulty life issues goes to a life coach in order to sort out those issues. Most of the time, it is a matter of figuring out one’s own interpretation and meaning of those life events. Most of the time, we don’t talk through those events and gain an understanding about ourselves very well, thereby lapsing into even more negativity.


A Life Coach who is well-grounded in psychological mechanisms can afford you more precision in dealing with your issues. While a counsellor might also do some similar things, a Life Coach is often focused not just on past issues alone, or just listening passively. To schedule an initial session with a Life Coach, contact me and I’ll connect you with my team of trained coaches. If you wish to speak to me personally, please indicate so in the contact form and remember to select the appropriate choice.


Life Issues Hitting You Hard?

There are numerous benefits of working with  coach. I personally do most of my coaching with business owners and entrepreneurs, although I do see people with specific personal needs as well.

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Puzzled By Lack Of Business Growth?

If you are an executive or business owner, you will need to understand how to grow your business. Sometimes, it really is about the leadership you display, or the ability you have to  work with teams, plan ahead and take action on your goals.

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