Online NLP MasterClass with Stuart Tan

If you’ve ever wondered what NLP was and wanted a walk through of some of the tools that helps it to make people successful, you will want to join in my NLP Masterclass. For a limited time period only, this program will be open to a group of beta testers who will then get an opportunity to ask me questions “LIVE” on a webinar. I am limiting this to 100 places, and there’s already 800 people on my list, so grab your link here:

Register and get immediate access to my videos in three separate installments (over 7 video and learning components).

About Stuart Tan

Stuart Tan, MSc, MBA, SDCG, BA (Hons), is a Licensed NLP Trainer since 1997, and is Singapore's first Licensed NLP Coach Trainer, a trained counselor and trauma and depression therapist since 1999, a Master Motivational Coach with the Institute of Motivational Coaching and a leadership, team performance and change management consultant. He certifies NLP Practitioners and NLP Master Practitioners, NLP Business Practitioners and NLP Business Master Practitioners and Certified Motivational Coaches (CMC) as well as Licensed NLP Coaches. Register on this blog for notifications and information about his free and paid talks and events.
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Upcoming Events

60 hour certification process on the world\'s most powerful personal development tool. Learn to apply this to activate your inner potential and help others do the same.

Pre-requisites: None.
Licensing Body: The Society of NLP and Dr. Richard Bandler

Next run: Feb 2017
Details: Click here to send us your full details and we will send a program introduction.