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How to Get To Our Venue

1. Nicoll Highway MRT is 5 minutes away from our office.

2. You can also come from Lavender MRT which will take about 8 – 10 min walking time

3. Walk toward where the buses bound for KL are parked. The closest elevator is at the entrance.

4. Text me (in advance) at 98894532 in the event you need any guidance.

Meet Your Speaker

Stuart Tan, MSc., MBA, has been spoken to over 500,000 people globally and taught specific applications of NLP to government as well as private organizations ranging from leadership, persuasion, change management, trust, management, communication, teams, wellness and personal mastery.

As a trainer of NLP authorized directly by Dr. Richard Bandler since 1997, he is the oldest serving NLP trainer in this region and has had the opportunity to train under Dr. Bandler in 1997, 2005, 2014 and 2017. This shows that your content will be updated.

He is also part of the group of Global NLP Training Consultants by NLP University, and certified in systemic NLP principles developed by Robert Dilts in 2004, which he has been utilizing and expanding under the auspices of Dr. Richard Bandler.

Stuart is an avid user of NLP to master multiple subject areas including entrepreneurship and marketing, personal mastery, bestselling book authorship, influence and persuasion, gemmology and personal wellness.

What is NLP?

If you have wondered what NLP is, you are probably not yet familiar with its vast capabilities. It has the potential to be life transforming for yourself and the people around you. This is possible through understanding:
1. How the brain functions;
2. How mental levers that change perception and gain perspectives;
3. Language and its unconscious impact on behavior and change;
4. The way new habits are created and sustained;
5. Simple practices to sustain personal habits such as reducing procrastination, learning faster, increasing focus, eliminating negative thinking and more.

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The Levels

There are four main levels in NLP. The first one is the Practitioner level, where you gain an awareness of how to use NLP. The second one is the Master Practitioner level, where you develop elegance in the use of NLP unconsciously. The third is the NLP Coach where you can develop skills in coaching individuals and groups. This, however, requires you to complete the Practitioner and Master Practitioner levels. The final level is the NLP Trainer where you have to receive the Practitioner and Master Practitioner levels with Dr. Richard Bandler in person.


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