The Driving Skills Of An Amateur Still Turns A Ferrari Into Mush… So Don’t Take Any NLP™ Training Until You Read This!

The Power Of NLP™ has been responsible for improving the lives of millions of people worldwide. The problem is the elusive value of NLP™ to the uninitiated. People who claim to be certified are not certified under the right institute. Furthermore, newbies who are certified try to train others in the technology, causing degradation in transfer.

In the last 18 years of my training career, I have spent 15 of those in NLP™, directly trained by Dr. Richard Bandler, the co-founder of NLP™ himself. I’ve also been responsible for training most of the senior and most decorated NLP™ practitioners and master practitioners in the training industry, who are flourishing with their applications of NLP™ right now.

NLP™ is a way of ensuring we maximize our own inner abilities, while modeling after those that we have yet to learn. It is the science of human excellence. With the tools in NLP™, you can seek mastery in your field and expand your fields of expertise easily. This is one of the reasons why many coaches and trainers study NLP™ so that they can be well equipped with the tools and methodologies embedded within the certification program.

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One of the most popular techniques in NLP™ is the Fast Phobia Cure.

Phase 1: Client Phobia is displayed upon exposure to phobic stimulus.
Phase 2: Client goes through a specific NLP Fast Phobia Cure process.
Phase 3: Reintroduction of phobic stimulus with dramatic improvement.

The quality control of NLP™ is not as good as it should be, because of the many people who claim to be NLP™ trainers. Dr. Richard Bandler is the sole authority on NLP™ Trainers. Anyone seeking NLP™ Practitioner or Master Practitioner certification must ask the following questions:

  1. Is my trainer a trained psychologist? Most NLP™ trainers claim to understand psychology but have no basis in that, and therefore teach elements of NLP™ that are limiting to use and poorly defined.
  2. Is my trainer a trained linguist? The crux of NLP™ is its linguistic capabilities. Unfortunately, without someone who really understands the linguistics of NLP™, your NLP™ training is merely going to be like a book being read out to you. Instead, you should learn to appreciate the power of linguistics and how to use it from someone who already has proper exposure and grounding in real linguistics.
  3. Has my trainer run successful NLP™ applications across several aspects of life and business? I have been fortunate enough to have used the NLP™ applications in business, building multiple six and seven figure businesses, while teaching people to do the same. In addition, I have also successfully modelled top gunners (Singapore Armed Forces – 2002 AARM Championships), top public speakers (I am a regional champion, and have created national and international champions of public speaking), top internet entrepreneurs, top bestselling book authors (I managed to clinch three bestseller titles myself), top marketers, top coaches, among other applications.
  4. Has my trainer been trained directly under originator, Dr. Richard Bandler and the Society of NLP™? As far as I know, people do not train under Society Of NLP™ because they want to avoid the costs associated with the quality of the Society of NLP™. This way, they get to pocket more cash for themselves, and raise their profit margins. There is a line between profiting and profiting with quality. Learn NLP™ through my courses, and discover more of the quality mechanisms that the Society of NLP™ has in place for all serious practitioners and master practitioners.

For more information, go to the Official Apex Institute Of NLP™ website.

Say No To Piracy.

NLP Trainers that are Licensed by Dr. Richard Bandler (who owns the right to license NLP Trainers) can be found on Yes, I have been responsible for training more than half of those listed there. Those who are not listed, are simply not licensed by The Authority in NLP, Dr. Richard Bandler. Unlicensed trainers may not have pre-requisite skills to train you in the specific trade. Do not accept trainers who mix their trainings with personality testing, hypnosis certifications and other kinds of non-core NLP. Those eat into the actual time you need to be trained.

Did You Renew Your NLP Practitioner License? If you have not, and you were trained by me, contact me here so that you can update your license and certificate expiry. Every certificate expires in 2 years, and you should undergo a simple competency review to do that. Remember: renewals from The Society of NLP are free of charge.