How Neurolinguistic Programming Helps You Become All You Can Be

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If you're a seeker of success, you probably want to learn everything there is about NLP. I've been striving for success only to realize that many people aren't able to create holism in their success, so they walk away with a skewed version of success that doesn't lead them to happiness.


As an international speaker and resident of Singapore, I've trained the likes of CEOs, senior directors, various officers of government agencies and ministries for the last 23 years. It never ceases to amaze me that there is a lot more that can be accomplished with NLP. People who are already achieving more are getting even more results. People who are facing difficulties finally have the tools to get rid of their burdens forever.

Thank you for your enquiry about my NLP program! I appreciate that single effort to even ask because it highlights an inquisitive interest in one of the most powerful technologies that I personally know for people aged 16 to 76.


NLP has been gaining a lot of ground in the corporate world as well, particularly with trainers, managers and business owners who know that it provides for them an “unfair advantage”. Imagine having the ability to peer into another person’s mind and understand their expertise, capabilities and blockages to their success. Not only will NLP help you gain a greater understanding of the human mind, it will enable you to use this knowledge to help yourself and others.


I know this because it was the single most important thing that allowed me to set up, run and cash out of one of Asia’s most powerful education companies. I utilized NLP to literally help me achieve everything I wanted: wealth, health, academic achievement, overcome obstacles, work with difficult people and a whole lot more. You’ll also be pleased to know that when you train with me, you will have access to my brain: I am the only NLP trainer in the region who has a comprehensive understanding of counseling psychology, organizational psychology, linguistics and a practical involvement in entrepreneurship, business, publishing and online business success. While this can appear intimidating to some, learning has never been more fun in an NLP training program. I use stories, humor, interactions and make it very, very accessible so that even a 16 year-old can learn, enjoy and be immersed in the training experience.

NLPTM is a set of powerful tools for modeling excellence in other people. The idea of modeling is not new. In fact, organizational psychologists have been utilizing cognitive modeling as a process to identify job tasks and competencies for years. The only difference is that NLP helps to weed out processes that are more specific, rather than just a generic cluster of knowledge, skills or abilities.  For instance, in a job analysis, a human resource manager might be able to find out the tasks that are required to be carried out in a job, but may not be able to interview in a manner that determines standards of excellence. This is the key difference when I did the modeling project for the Singapore Armed Forces Shooting Contingent. It wasn’t that the soldiers did not know how to shoot well. They had limited understanding of their internal emotional states and mental processes that caused wide variations of their ability. By zooming down to how good shooters did their work, they could model the mental and emotional processes that behavioral modeling had missed.

One of  the most powerful skills in NLP is the ability to create lasting changes, even those programs have been with you for more than 20 years!

Hence, NLP can be used to model literally any skill you desire. Drawing from the study of general semantics and information processing theory (Korzybski, 1933; Miller, Galanter and Pribram, 1960) and systems theory, we can look into the language we use to understand how thought processes flow. This expands your knowledge, personal development capability and career or business progression. On top of that, modeling success helps you to move to that same success. This training is designed to develop competence in you as you seek licensing to practice NLP and its related processes. It is a certification measure to ensure you the quality of a good practitioner.

Freshly Minted NLP Practitioners Who Have Created A New Level Of Self-Awareness

How To Change Your Emotions And Attain Personal Mastery.

What would your ability to focus, motivate yourself, turn a bad day into a powerfully enlightening day do for you? If you had the knowledge of how to do this, this would be insufficient. You need to hone your skills through practice. This is the key reason for a practitioner-oriented program. NLP skills provide you not just with a positive thinking platform, but the tools that can enable you to life a happier, more fulfilled life.


How To Speak So Others Listen

The irony about communication is that people think it is a “soft skill”. In reality, the world is so competitive. You need communication in interviews, conflict resolution, negotiation, problem solving, team work, leadership, relationship building, selling, coaching, mentoring, strategic planning, learning and development, change management, project management, coordination… all the key functions that exist in the world today. Without the foundation of skills, you will not have the ability to do all these effectively to create the biggest impact you want.


Learning from Successful People Fast

Being the science of modelling, you need to see how thinking about how others developed can cut short the time to arrive at their level of success FAST. By understanding NLP strategies, you will see how simple it is to ask talented people how they do things, and learn it. This will stand in good stead if you keep learning from workshops and seminars. NLP will allow you greater depth of learning, while others merely skim the surface.


Interpersonal Rapport and Establishing Trust

Wouldn’t you like to extend your influence skills? Everyone who is a complainer will never get what they want. But those who know how to form strong and powerful connections regardless of their personality type will be able to influence change wherever they go. Imagine the ability to connect with anyone you want at will. Now imagine what that can do for your business, your career and your relationships.


If You Are A Parent…

Wouldn’t it be fascinating to understand NLP from the perspective of a person who has trained over 300,000 children? What are they motivated by? How do they function, and why do they rebel? What are some ways to overcome difficulties with children? And, if it becomes difficult trying to balance work and your family, wouldn’t it be nice to have access to tools and strategies that make your life much more pleasant and meaningful?

Parents can attend this NLP certification program to:

  • Reach out to your children more effortlessly;
  • Cope more easily with emotional demands of being a working parent;
  • Utilizing NLP for positive discipline and nurturing your young ones effectively;
  • Learn how to develop your child’s mind so as to put them ahead of the competitive learning curve.

If You Are A Manager or Boss…

One of the difficulties is the way to manage people around you. How well can you connect with them so that you can bring out the best in your team and organization? Do you know how to win people over so that they are motivated to accomplish the tasks you set out to do? These days, the power of engagement is not just about employees feeling that they are occupied with a worthwhile task at the workplace. Rather, it is about the way a manager interacts and connects with their team in a manner that brings out meaning and motivation. Imagine if you had the right skills to connect with your people well, so that they are more productive in the workplace, wouldn’t you have better, unhampered progress?


I’ve worked closely with MNCs, financial institutions, government bodies and statutory boards to show them how they can connect with and engage with their subordinates better, so as to create a positive workplace culture and help the organization progress as a whole.


Managers and Bosses can attend this NLP certification program to:

  • Establish effective communication practices in the workplace for better teamwork;
  • Handle any difficult employee with ease;
  • Improve employee engagement in the workplace, leading to higher morale and work satisfaction;
  • Reduce the costs of ineffective leadership and management;
  • Maximize workplace engagement through effective managerial communication skills;
  • Influence and motivate your employees to achieve greater results in what they need to do!

If You Are A Teacher/Mentor/Coach…

Reaching out to your students or mentees can be challenging. NLP answers questions such as how to motivate them, increase their confidence levels, help them to aspire toward higher goals and ideals, and remove mental and emotional obstacles that may lie in their way. Whatever area of content you intend to transmit, NLP approaches are powerful to help your student, mentee or coachee to achieve extraordinary performance.

Personally, I have been involved in helping to structure the mindset of different teachers, coaches and athletes utilizing NLP approaches, and even spoke with the Asian Games (Doha 2006) competitors from Singapore. More recently, I had a hand in working with Royston Wee, Singapore’s first UFC mixed-martial arts representative, who went on to win his debut at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, January 2014. I’ve worked with various teachers from different schools from the Ministry of Education, teaching them communication strategies to reach out more powerfully to their students. Teachers, coaches and mentors can attend this NLP certification program to:

  • Achieve skilful knowledge transfer through the effective use of NLP language patterns;
  • Produce a powerful performance mindset;
  • Raise confidence and positive beliefs about achievement goals in your students or mentees;
  • Understand and exploit the psychological mechanisms that can consistently lead to higher performance under pressuring situations!

If You Are A Sales Professional…

NLP has a special place for sales professionals and consultants. The ability for you to converse and influence our clients is essential for our livelihood. The ability to sell, therefore, is a combination of psychological processes that move a client from resistance to desire. NLP’s tools allow a sales professional to enhance the game in several ways:

  • Amplify the mindset of winning so as to make sales and increase commissions;
  • Use the language of covert influence to win your clients over and establish deep rapport with them;
  • Grow an expanding network of prospects through effective conversations;
  • Instantly convert prospects into clients, uncover critical needs and emotional buy buttons while extending the relationship for the long term;
  • Manage your emotional states for a confident close, even with the most intimidating prospect;
  • Leverage an understanding of psychology that help you to place your prospects on your side for the close!

If You Are A Mid-Career Transitioning or Retiring Professional…

Many participants take time out because they are moving out of their company due to planned or unforeseen circumstances. As a result, some may not be prepared to experience the world outside of the shelter of their previous schedule, environment and structure. This means the need to increase versatility so as to adapt to the world they need to step into. If this is your need, you can expect to:

  • Understand how to establish emotional stability in a time of uncertainty;
  • Use the power of your mind to create your reality;
  • Develop a greater understanding of your values and needs in order to make appropriate decisions to create meaning and satisfaction for the future;
  • Expand your mindset to improve adaptability to a new environment;
  • Understand the context of communication, culture and psychology so as to make the transition smooth and uninterrupted!

If You Are A Student…

Several students have attended my NLP certification workshop simply because they want a headstart in life. They want to know how to manage others, influence others and communicate effectively even before they go into the workplace. Indeed, I have run numerous sessions to teach students (over 300,000+), and one of the biggest issues I find is the lack of guidance toward a meaningful future of their choice that they can feel comfortable and satisfied with. By learning NLP you can:

  • Tune up your mental focus for academic projects and exams more effectively;
  • Develop your ability to manage emotional states so as to enhance your drive and motivation anytime, anywhere;
  • Develop a deeper self-awareness to gain a greater sense of identity and purpose in life;
  • Manage personal mental, emotional and physical resources when under tremendous pressure!

If You Are Interested In Progressing Toward Your Desired Goals…

 A lot of individuals mistake NLP as a motivational program only, because other similar programs seem to use NLP techniques. As I mentioned, NLP is a modelling tool and allows you to get to learn any skill. But it first teaches you how to be able to use your own inner resources. Participants who come to our program don’t just get motivated. You will:

  • Know how to create personal clarity of your own direction in life and learn how to focus;
  • Learn how to live life in amazement and happiness;
  • Learn the difference between fixed and growth mindsets and how to create power toward your goals;
  • Reduce tiredness and build massive energy in your life to help shape the course of your success;
  • Uncover your values and needs that help you with your decision-making about anything you want to achieve in your life;
  • Discover how different events in your life have shaped you, and how to update old mental software that is corrupting your ability to reach your absolute potential;
  • Use the same strategies that you apply to yourself on others, so that you can help others around you make similar progressions in life;
  • Reduce and eliminate negativity in your life;
  • Understand and overcome obstacles that stand in your way!

Warning! Do Not Attend Any Other NLP Trainings Without Reading This…

An authoritative meta-analysis was conducted by researchers at the University Of Michigan (Blume, Ford, Baldwin and Huang, 2010) to reveal that many of the trainings that are conducted have (1) little evidence to show that training can be transferred back into the workplace setting, (2) it is always best to have someone who measures the pre- and post-training outcomes of the expected training, and (3) to seek external input in order to get real validation about the results being achieved.  In this research, it was also shown that certain levels of support are desired and useful in predicting the value of the training in real life.


This is the reason why I have included vignettes and situational case studies from my extensive experience working with people, in order to help increase understanding in NLP usage and practice. This is useful because it is generally accepted in far transfer studies (where the skills learnt in the training room will be different from skills used on the job), you will need to utilize various learning strategies (Thorndike, 1933; Goldstein, 1974). The purpose of having these research studies is to show you that independent researchers have conducted and yielded positive conclusions about the methodologies I myself use in my own training, a part of my own personal quality control mechanism to ensure effective training is done for you.


To deal with this, I actually have a methodology to help you practice NLP in a more effective manner. After all, it really is about the environment where you can practice. We will all clearly see changes from the start to the end of the program.

If You’ve Never Learnt NLP Before… We’ve Got It Set Up For Skills Mastery

The biggest worry for many when signing up for a training is not knowing what to expect. While this has benefits some of the time (e.g. anticipation, excitement), it is generally accepted that a clear agenda gets the training going much more smoothly. The structure I provide has helped numerous participants get a grasp of NLP far faster than most others in even advanced courses.


In preparing for this training, I conduct formative assessments – quizzes to keep your mind fresh and to boost your confidence that you are indeed learning. I keep regular engagement with my students through my postings in the secret Facebook Group even after training programs.


In addition to that, the lessons you attend will help you in a variety of ways.


First, through the experiences that I share. This will broaden your application of NLP by being aware of what is possible. Given that I have seen and experienced all manner of people from all walks of life, you will discover how such examples and illustrations actually refine your learning of NLP.


Second, through the use of discussions and role plays, you can test your own thinking process by verbally “sparring” about certain uses of NLP and what it can do for you. This is precisely why you don’t just read NLP but practice it in the classroom.


Third, through actually watching my demonstrations with you. I find that this approach makes it much more

How To Select A Suitable NLP Trainer?

There are three basic pillars to decide if you should select an NLP Trainer. Most NLP Trainers would have no firm background in understanding the psychology of the individual. If you want to use NLP effectively, a well-trained NLP Trainer should have clear and broad understanding of psychology to show you how not to foul up when using cognitive interventions. The psychologist in me has revealed many a secret in how the mind works, that the average NLP Trainer will never be able to reveal. Just ask anyone who has studied NLP jointly with psychology together in this part of the world. That would be me.


Secondly, a typical NLP trainer will fall back onto traditional discussions of psychotherapy which are not completely relevant or valid in today’s real life context. Instead, I have had years in the workplace testing and applying NLP to some of the most valuable areas, including coaching, leadership, team building, brand building, authorship, and consulting. The list will go on. But what I want to assure you is, I am a nexus of information that when tapped, saves you time of having to read the hundreds of books and spend hundreds of thousands on dozens of training programs.


Finally, linguistics.  A strong NLP trainer needs to have knowledge rooted in linguistics in order to understand discourse. There’s no other NLP trainer that I know of who has thorough linguistics knowledge that way I do. The reason you need to know this, is that in psycholinguistic studies, thought can only be bridged through conversation, and only those who are well versed in linguistics will be able to transfer information and insight in a way that is more enriching and meaningful. Of course, the explanations will be done in a way that is accessible and makes you enjoy the process without having the academic vernacular that dries up such a powerful and interesting subject as conversation. You’ll learn how linguistics actually influences other people’s thoughts. Wouldn’t that make it powerful for you whenever you need to talk to anyone?


Of course, I suggest you read the testimonials in this report to understand what others feel about me, in order to get your assurance that my NLP training is of top quality and backed by the founder of NLP himself.

It’s Your Choice Today!

A long time ago, I was told this story about a man who was very intelligent and was merely seeking to get affirmation from a wise sage that he was so. One day, to test the wise sage, this young man went up to the mountains and quizzed him. Hoping to demonstrate that he was smarter than the sage, he caught a small bird in his hand before confronting him with the question: is the bird alive or dead? That would put the sage in a dilemma for if he said it was dead, he could release the bird, and the sage would be wrong; or he could say the bird was alive, and he could crush the bird. So, enamoured by his smart gimmick, the young man confronted the sage and asked the question: is the bird alive or dead? Wisely, the sage simply said “It’s in your hands.” Puzzled, the young man snarled at the answer. “What kind of answer is that? Is the bird alive or dead?” Again, the sage wisely pointed out, “You come here attempting to put me in a dilemma. But the bird is in your hand. The choice is yours. Whether I call it one or the other, alive or dead, is not the point.”


Likewise, I would say that if you have ever wanted to do something with your life and to create the life you have desired, you have to come to this workshop. This will ultimately give you the tools to finally take full control over your destiny, seek out your rainbows and ride them.

Mastering the Art and Science of Communication

The main question you have to ask yourself is: is there still miscommunication? What do you want communication skills for? The cost of ineffective communication in the workplace results in billions of lost dollars in the marketplace. Contracts gone wrong, employee dissatisfaction with their managers, a lack of proper control over change management in organizations are all a result of ineffective communication and understanding the psychology of communication. Let’s not even go into the costs associated with imprecise communication that transpires between bosses and their subordinates. You know very well that all these take place. A simple disagreement, if not managed effectively, results in drop in productivity for the entire group. If you had a negative conversation with a team member, are you really going to dive into your work and get it done productively, compared with when you have positive, effective communication?


NLP, when seen as a modeling and learning tool, helps people to be less judgmental about things around them and to be willing to learn from different models of the world. For instance, if someone encounters a problem with his work in his company, an NLP Practitioner can identify his current strategy, not just from a competency modeling perspective, but from a cognitive-linguistic modeling perspective. This way, you can get very clear direction in terms of changing and improving that are tailored right down to a person’s thought processes.


This is better covered by someone who is experienced in the processes of competency modeling as well as cognitive modeling. I show examples of how such models are created, and how they can be used with NLP processes.


Communication is the pathway toward the development of effective leadership, productive teams, high EQ individuals, excellent families and much more. As a professional, using effective communication skills can definitely give you a greater sense of certainty in your  work.


Much of the research points to the fact that individuals who keep on learning are going to be able to benefit from the practice effect: Communication only gets better with an appropriate model and strategy as applied in real life. What could influence this are your emotions (emotional load is something that can badly affect your actually capabilities). Emotional flexibility is one of the key aspects of NLP training. While it starts off with your awareness of it at the start, your flexibility should grow over time with more practice.


  • Empowering & Useful NLP Techniques
  • Detailed Training Manual and Technical Competence Sheets
  • Guided practice for technical competence of using NLPTM with others
  • Clear illustrations and practical sessions to enhance proficienty of usage
  • Case studies to transfer situational application of NLPTM
  • Authorized In-program assessment of capabilities to build competence.
  • Endorsement of proficiency and licensure with the Society Of NLPTM (USA)
  • Listing as a Registered Practitioner of NLP on

*This training and licensure can be followed-up with our Motivational Coaching Certification training, to expand your know-how about working with clients one-on-one, as well as a Master Practitioner training, which is the Advanced Level of NLP training. I want to make this clear to you up front, so that you know that there is training progression. You also can take up NLP Business Practitioner and Master Practitioner tracks, as well as the coveted NLP Coach certification, which is the highest level above the NLP Master Practitioner Certification.


According to many of my participants, the reason why they enjoyed the training is largely due to my experience and depth of knowledge in psychology, linguistics and NLP.

  • Quality experience from over 20 years of experience in the classroom;
  • Open and approachable with questions and personal requests;
  • Most experienced and widely-applied Licensed NLP Trainer in Singapore;
  • Maximize retention and application through structured sessions;
  • Use of advanced training techniques so you learn, relearn and never miss crucial information;
  • Live Demonstrations to aid in recall;
  • Additional ‘secret’ Facebook Group for regular interactions, questions and follow-up;
  • Opportunities to be trained as a facilitator during subsequent NLP Certifications;
  • Completion grants you access to register for the Licensed NLP Master Practitioner certification level.


Just to remind you of the many excellent benefits of NLP as applied to an individual, and really, to emphasize that as long as you want to apply it, it can be a powerful resource for you in life.

  • Overcome life obstacles by learning to apply your mind skills;
  • Unlock your potential through discovering uncommon communication and self-reflection strategies;
  • Learn that no matter what the problem is, there is always a strategy in NLP that can help you to create the future you desire;
  • Understand how your emotional states drive your own motivation and how to manage it powerfully so that you can feel great about life, even in the face of challenges;
  • Learn how the language of the mind can influence others, allowing you to win people over and persuade them to your own direction;
  • Read other people like a book, so that you can understand the way they think, function and behave;
  • Advance in your career, develop better relations at work by being aware of how to effectively adapt and adjust your style of work to your colleagues;
  • Enjoy better relationships with your family and loved ones by knowing how to understand them, have open and effective communication and resolving conflicts and disputes positively;
  • Release negative emotions, particularly haunting ones related to past disturbances and offending memories to achieve closure;
  • Easily overcome phobias, even those that have been traumatising you all your life;
  • Establish powerful new habits in the blink of an eye using specialized core NLP training strategies;
  • Access resourceful emotional states that allow you to overcome procrastination and take action, achieve your goals (even immediate ones like winning a trade or nailing that presentation or speech) and empower people around you;
  • Unravel emotional fixes that have been disturbing you for the longest time and impeding your progress towards your goals, or even making your life stagnant; and
  • To achieve anything you want in life by applying the techniques of modeling. Some examples of achievements of our past participants include:
    • Weight loss and getting back into fitness;
    • Instant cure of phobia of snake, needles, lizard, cockroaches, and other insects
    • Won public speaking competitions;
    • Became a life coach and business coach;
    • Became a successful entrepreneur;
    • Scored better grades in exam;
    • Closer relationship with spouse and children;
    • Smoother relationships with previously uncooperative colleagues;
    • Achieved highest sales


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