The Leadership Advantage Workshop

Develop Your Emerging Leaders for Your Talent Pipeline

In today’s dynamic corporate landscape, leadership within MNCs is not just about managing tasks but about inspiring change and fostering a culture of growth. This workshop is designed to transform managers into leaders who can navigate the complexities of multinational environments with agility and vision. Drawing insights from our analysis of leadership, we focus on developing leaders who are self-aware, adaptable, and capable of turning challenges into opportunities for their teams.

Target Audience

New and Aspiring Managers

Learning Objectives (2-Day Workshop)

1. Understand the essence of transformative leadership in MNCs.

2. Develop self-awareness and adaptability in leadership styles.

3. Master conflict resolution and emotional management for team cohesion.

4. Learn effective team formation and development strategies.

5. Develop basic coaching skills using the GROW model.

Overview of Content

1. Defining Leadership in the Organizational Context

2. Qualities of Effective Leaders

3. Self-Awareness and Leadership Styles (MBTI/Hogan/16PF Focus)

4. Team Dynamics and Development

5. Emotional Intelligence and Conflict Management

6. Case Studies: Leadership in Action


1. Equip leaders with skills to manage diverse and dynamic teams.

2. Foster a culture of effective communication and collaboration.

3. Enhance the ability to lead through change and uncertainty.

4. Develop a leadership style that resonates with global business needs.

Course Content Lesson Plan

Day 1:

Introduction to Leadership in MNCs

Exploring Leadership Qualities and Styles

Self-Awareness using MBTI

Understanding Team Dynamics

Emotional Intelligence in Leadership

Day 2:

Advanced Team Development Techniques

The GROW Model for Effective Coaching

Conflict Management Strategies

Case Study Analysis and Group Discussion

Workshop Wrap-up and Feedback

Note: This workshop is fully customizable to align with specific organizational contexts. Learning objectives and content may vary based on the unique needs of your organization. Profiling tools can be proposed according to requirements.

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