Do I Need Counseling and Psychotherapy?

It is usually in times of difficulty that we wonder how we got into that mess.

In fact, for some people, not realizing how they got there is the central issue – they can’t see their own blindspots.

I was one of such people. Yes, as a psychotherapist myself, I was caught up in the hustle and bustle of life, thinking that I would create miracles for others, but ended up being unable to create my own miracles. I’ve been depressed, broken, fearful and completely immobilized by circumstances that impacted my past.

You might be asking, “how could a psychotherapist get into such trouble?” This is why I understand the difficulties and challenges people face. They are misunderstood much of the time, and often, well-meaning individuals end up placing labels that may not be very useful.

I started my interest in psychotherapy because Dr. Richard Bandler, my first influence in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, had powerful strategies that shifted people and the way they viewed themselves. I eventually studied psychology, completed by post graduate diploma in Counseling, and immersed myself in working with people. Since then, I’ve spoken to well over 500,000 people worldwide and the common thing I have found is that people merely want to feel that they are being supported.

As a building requires a foundation to build upward, an individual needs that foundation too. To build stability, you need the right kind of support that helps enhance self-awareness and to release old patterns that led to the present state.

If you experience:

  • addictions
  • communication challenges with others
  • feelings of anger or resentment
  • disturbing and interrupting memories and thoughts
  • unexplained emotional episodes

…you might be surprised what psychotherapy can do for you to lighten your load on your journey in life.

If you have had other forms of treatment and would like to explore alternative forms that could improve your mental health, book an appointment with me to explore your inner world.

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