Diversity and Inclusion Workshop

Develop Your Leaders for Diversity, Inclusion, Equity and Belonging

In today’s global and multicultural business environment, developing empathy, awareness of unconscious biases, and inclusion competencies in people managers is key to cultivating an equitable workplace where all talents can thrive. As an organization committed to fostering an inclusive culture where all employees feel valued and respected, a critical next step is equipping people managers with the skills and mindset to champion diversity initiatives. Our highly-interactive, research-backed workshop is designed to move beyond compliance to true culture change. Participants will gain practical tools to better understand different perspectives, break down barriers, leverage diversity as a competitive advantage, and create an environment where every employee belongs. Space is limited – inquire today to reserve your spot for this impactful learning experience. teams.

Target Audience

  1. Recognize their own unconscious biases and blind spots
  2. Apply empathy and perspective-taking to better understand others
  3. Foster inclusion and belonging by breaking down “us vs. them” divisions
  4. Leverage diversity of thought as a strategic advantage

Address microaggressions and promote psychological safety

Learning Objectives (2-Day Workshop)

1. Understand the essence of transformative leadership in MNCs.

2. Develop self-awareness and adaptability in leadership styles.

3. Master conflict resolution and emotional management for team cohesion.

4. Learn effective team formation and development strategies.

5. Develop basic coaching skills using the GROW model.

Overview of Content

  • Impact of biases and barriers on team performance
  • Personal empathy assessment and group discussion
  • Levers of inclusion – language, behaviors, decision-making
  • Business case for diversity beyond compliance
  • Tools for difficult conversations and conflict resolution
  • Action planning for diversity goals


Increased awareness, equitable team culture, retention of top diverse talent, innovation through diverse perspectives, compliance with employment laws.

Course Content Lesson Plan

Day 1:

Icebreaker introductions

Workshop objectives overview

Baseline diversity assessment

Group sharing on importance of DEI

Understanding Unconscious Bias

Implicit Association Test demonstration

Common biases interactive activity

Personal reflections

The Power of Perspective-Taking

Empathy exercises in pairs/groups

Identifying different lived experiences

Sharing perspectives


Day 2:

Fostering Inclusion in the Workplace

Case study on barriers to inclusion

Levers of inclusion discussion

Inclusive leadership assessment

Cultural Competence in Action

Microaggression scenarios practice

Tools for difficult conversations

Psychological safety discussion

Sustaining Diversity Momentum

DEI goal planning in teams

Best practice sharing

Workshop evaluation and closing reflections

Note: This 2-day lesson plan can be tailored as needed for your organization’s context, with timing added for each activity/session. The workshop is designed to be highly interactive with application of learning to real-world scenarios.

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