Empower Your People with Customized Leader Development and Team Growth Programs

Since 2007, Ultimate Alliance Consultancy Pte Ltd has partnered with leading organizations across industries to deliver impactful leadership and team development solutions. With our background in deep organizational psychology, we make the design of training far more holistic and targeted. Our approach is tailored to meet the unique challenges and objectives of each client, ensuring transformative results. 

Tailored Leadership Development

We begin with a thorough learning needs analysis to understand your organization’s specific context. From there, we recommend bespoke content and activities designed to meet your learning objectives. Our process includes:
– Developing a comprehensive proposal tailored to your needs.
– Designing active and experiential learning sessions.
– Implementing strategies to measure and sustain program effectiveness.

Clients like Amundi, ING Bank, HSBC, Singpost and Siemens have benefited from our facilitated senior leadership discussions, focusing on strengths, personal mastery, and strategic alignment.

Facilitating Deep Conversation for Senior Leaders

Organizational renewal is both necessary and potentially disrupting. In working with Amundi, we designed and facilitated a senior leadership discussion that centered around strengths complementing, personal mastery, leadership preferences and assumption exploration through a day of facilitated discussion. 

Key design elements included

Difficult Conversations in Change

We worked with various organizations including HSBC, the Ministry of Defence, and Air Liquide to roll out a program to support change management, especially effects on human emotion that can impact employee engagement. 

Team Communication for Success

Communication is a skillset that cannot be underrated in organizations. These are raised due to integenerational issues, economic challenges, well-being and employee engagement concerns. The best way to handle this is to build team communication processes using ways of unifying communication through profiling tools such as the MBTI, FIRO-B, Strengths profiling. They are being emphasized by our clients such as:

Designing Effective Wellness Education

We conducted wellness education in partnership with the Health Promotion Board in 2018 and 2019. This enabled an initial foucs on helping managers be clear about how to detect and manage in the event of employee burnout and other emotional challenges. We’ve also worked with other organizations to tackle the complex wellness landscape beyond just pedometers and sleep trackers. 

Beyond just education, skills such as coaching, active listening and empathy are important to support difficult conversations and elevate emotions of others in conflict and change, while maintaining the productivity and resiliency agenda. 

We’re in the process of helping organizations answer deeper questions about the kinds of actions required to make wellbeing initiatives tangible and linked to the organizational machinery.

Annual Lunch and Learn Programs

employee motivation

With clients such as Asia Capital Reinsurance and RELO Network Asia, we were contracted to develop bite-sized learning opportunities for their team members in order to build a growth mindset, establish continuity and improve skills in a targeted fashion.

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