Be A Certified Motivational Coach™

In recent years, I have realized that the quality of the coaching industry is just poor. The reason why it is not gaining prominence is because there is no hub for coaching that ensures proper growth and professional development of coaches. I went around hunting for a solution to that, and created the Certified Motivational Coach™ program.

It is the first of its kind to incorporate three essential components.

  1. Professionally documented progression. Unlike many other institutes that train you and leave you, this is a key advantage because I have created a specific mechanism that will enable my trainees to progress faster than others.
  2. Business coaching and mentorship. If you have a heart for building your coaching business, I will be ready to support you in that direction. As it is, I already have people who need help but I do not have sufficient bandwidth to help them. I would prefer my own students whom I have trained to take over such clients. With a systematic development plan in place, I can help you get new clients, create a presence and of course, build your brand over a period of time.
  3. Coaching interventions grounded in psychology. Because most trainers in coaching are not founded in research psychology, they seldom have sufficient information to back up their intervention strategies empirically. In the CMC, you will get a chance to know how and why interventions are done, and the basis that they are founded upon so that you are deemed a professional of the helping arts.

The Institute Of Motivational Coaching was set up to be the certification institute to train and develop coaches over a long term. Boasting a good core curriculum and a modest growth, IMC is set to deliver great coaching to anyone, and will take on brand leadership for life, business and executive coaching over the next decade.