How to Eliminate Procrastination

“A: Do you procrastinate?

B: I’ll have to get back to you tomorrow about that…”


We live in a world that demands much out of us. Every single day, there are things that are expected of us, that we have to deliver. Things such as work, expectations from family, and even things that we privately want to do but seem to have limited time resources to reach there. As a result, inner stress builds up, and it turns into us stepping into the dark side of our personality. Procrastination becomes a kind of solace.

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Personal Development Mind Protocols: How to Clear Your Mind

Step 1: Get into a comfortable place where it is relatively silent.

Step 2: Recognize as many things that are going on around you as possible.

Step 3: Recognize as many things that are in your mind as possible.

Step 4: Begin to focus on your breathing, noticing only your breath as you breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth.

Step 5: Acknowledge all the things that are in your mind or around you, and mentally “let go”. Some speak the phrase “I let you go”. Others simply move on to refocus attention on breathing and allow distractions to fade away.

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