Campfire International is a social initiative I established in April 2012 in order to create more awareness of the need for personal development. The Vision of the organization is “People helping people; Enabling Enablers”, and therefore our mission is to be the Global Community That Manifests Success.

We focus on the developing people who can make a difference to others in the world. From a tiny idea, its effects are starting to grow slowly, and through its pro bono efforts in creating impact in schools, parent support groups and volunteer groups, we reach out to help people learn how to enable themselves and others. In due course, this will transform into a full-fledged online platform where individuals can seek and provide help, mentorship and community support to anyone in need of any help toward their goals.

Locally, we support (i) school Parent Support Groups, (ii) Student Leader teams, (iii) non-profits, VWOs and IPCs; overseas, if you are a group in need, contact us for discussion how we can find people and organizations to fund your program. If you would like talks that can help put your volunteers or beneficiaries on track, contact us. If you are keen to take up volunteer positions with Campfire International, you may register with us here.

May 2012: The Powerful Self Workshop

June 2012: Youth Entrepreneur Symposium

Jul – Aug 2012: Inaugural Facilitator’s Training

Sep – Oct 2012: Leadership Training (East Spring Secondary School)

Nov 2012: Career Success Training (National University Of Singapore, DVO)

March-April 2013: Queensway Secondary School Parent Support Group Training

April 2013: Excel With Emotion Workshop

May-June 2013: Campfire Committee of Leadership Initiatives Planning

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