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I’m an entrepreneur, focusing on human solutions in corporations and government. I’ve been a trainer since 1994. I’ve spoken to easily over 400,000 people across my 21 year trek into this wonderful industry. Some accolades included by bestselling books (co-author of Master Your Mind, Design Your Destiny; bestseller of the iconic Secrets Of Internet Millionaires, Secrets of Millionaire Students, and 33 Killer Persuasion Tactics); being a mentor for various startup enterprises, and helping set up and run some of the biggest businesses in Singapore.
I work with like-minded Associate trainers who are also just as driven, determined and passionate about their work, and always look forward to producing the most dynamic, high-impact event that produce results. Some of our offerings include leadership, personal mastery, interpersonal skills, coaching skills, peak performance selling, high impact presentation skills, team dynamics and neurolinguistic programming.
I was one of the original co-founders of Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group Pte Ltd, one of Singapore’s largest training firms. I left in July 2011 to pursue my own direction in corporate consultancy, business incubation, publishing and online training.
As a psychologist, I have been focused on developing people and improving their lives through personal development approaches that create confidence, boost personal mastery and life skills development for lifelong learning. I’ve been training since 1994, and focus my efforts on training and certifying coaches (Certified Motivational Coach program), certifying NLP Practitioners and Master Practitioners in Singapore from the Society Of NLP, training and coaching Entrepreneurs in mindset technologies. These technologies are utilized in helping individuals and organizations perform better, through engagement, passion, meaning and happiness. They learn to implement an intervention through practical steps during a highly interactive and engaging workshop.
Stuart Tan with originator of NLP, Dr Richard Bandler
I have mentored many businesses in the area of marketing and provide solutions related to new startups that are driven and passionate about their area of business. Among some of them are six and seven figure businesses that have been successful through effort together with the coaching that I do for them.
I have set up multiple organizations with the intention of funding my social cause. Ultimate Alliance Consultancy Pte Ltd provides business consulting, training, coaching and technology solutions in the area of marketing and productivity for education, coaching, marketing and entrepreneurship. Apex Institute Of NLP runs certification training programs for people interested to get real qualifications in neurolinguistic programming. Institute Of Motivational Coaching is a certification institute that caters to the coaching community that seeks input about performance management, human productivity and motivation solutions in coaching conversations.I also believe in the development of the human spirit – which is why I conduct pro bono training programs for Parent Support Groups in schools as well as student leaders. I also work with charities to develop their volunteer leaders amongst other things. I believe very strongly that the world needs more heart, compassion and personal empowerment in order for our new generation of leaders to do a good job in the future. Our society needs more than just monetary resources to move ahead. We need resourceful people, leaders of all kinds, and people who are willing to turn others into their powerful selves.
Stuart Tan speaking with Senior Minister of State (Education and Defence), Mr Lawrence Wong. For more information about by social enterprise Campfire International, stay tuned to the official launch of my social enterprise in 2013.

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