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How Neurolinguistic Programming Practice Actually Helps Happiness, Fulfillment and Prosperity

NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming is one of the most powerful tools in personal development history. Developed in the 1970s by Richard Bandler and John Grinder, NLP has ended up being used in multiple applications ranging from leadership and change in organizations, to self-management and psychotherapy in personal use.

In this video, I share how I have been able to utilize NLP tools to attain levels of mastery through modeling. Since NLP can be used for so many applications, it is imperative for me to emphasize that if you want to do anything, you need the right strategy. It could include emotional control such as better confidence and happiness, changing limiting beliefs, enhancing leadership, being an effective communicator – anything you decide you want to accomplish. All it takes is to model its processes and install them in your own mind so it becomes unconscious behavior.

What is NLP?

If you have wondered what NLP is, you are probably not yet familiar with its vast capabilities. It has the potential to be life transforming for yourself and the people around you. This is possible through understanding:
1. How the brain functions;
2. How mental levers that change perception and gain perspectives;
3. Language and its unconscious impact on behavior and change;
4. The way new habits are created and sustained;
5. Simple practices to sustain personal habits such as reducing procrastination, learning faster, increasing focus, eliminating negative thinking and more.

Dr. Richard Bandler and me in 2014 in London

My applications in NLP:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing
  • Leadership
  • Championship public speaking
  • Personal transformation
  • Influence.
  • Book authoring
  • Interviewing
  • Hypnosis

Meet Stuart Tan

I have been training NLP since 1997, and was involved as a Practitioner since 1995. Over the course of over 20 years of practice, I have learnt what it means to become one of the most versatile users of NLP.

My approach to NLP is not a “motivational” one. It is a place where you will acquire technical competency in the use of NLP, based on the application you want. We have accelerated the progress of learning because we run workshops in small settings so that there is optimum mastery prior to the end of the certification workshop. 

Because most new practitioners in NLP are not familiar with the applications, I have designed my trainings to center around practice and application discussion to draw out what you know, and what you can learn from others. The applications are plentifold, as our core is the skill known as modeling.

John LaValle

Kathleen LaValle

My Participants

The Levels

There are four main levels in NLP. The first one is the Practitioner level, where you gain an awareness of how to use NLP. The second one is the Master Practitioner level, where you develop elegance in the use of NLP unconsciously. The third is the NLP Coach where you can develop skills in coaching individuals and groups. This, however, requires you to complete the Practitioner and Master Practitioner levels. The final level is the NLP Trainer where you have to receive the Practitioner and Master Practitioner levels with Dr. Richard Bandler in person.


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