I Help You Attain Transformation On The Inside So That You & Your Organization Can Create Massive Results On The Outside.

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Empowering Sustainable Success

I’ve spoken to business owners, corporate CxOs and teams that are frustrated with the limitations they have. Whether it is communciation, team work, innovation, D&I or mental well-being, I’ve created contextually relevant programs to support organizations and their leaders achieve much more with better mindsets and effective personal transformation. If you are interested to accomplish more with your organization…

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I serve international organizations, leaders and teams!

Study my carefully curated content over 30 years of my experience across international boundaries and more than 500,000 people, as I explore the intricacies of the human mind , self-growth, mental and emotional well-being, and personal mastery for successful and meaningful life, business and relationships.

Training Programs


The Leadership Advantage

Do you have new leaders being onboarded and require new ways of thinking and skills to allow them to perform at their best in their first 100 days? How well do they manage their teams? Cover all competencies and enable your emerging leaders to adapt to ever-complex organizational context!


Strengths Diversity and Inclusion

In a volatile and uncertain world today, leaders at the highest levels require finesse in advanced listening to diverse groups. To understand one another and feel safe around each other. To build psychological safety. Do you have a need to build a culture of inclusion and belonging?


The Effective Coach

Training is a good way to acquire knowledge, but coaching is a faster and more sustainable way to acquire and retain skills within the organization. Managers need to develop coaching skills to improve team competencies.

Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming: Transform Your Mind To Achieve Your Goals

Richard Bandler | Stuart Tan

Dr Richard Bandler and me in 2014

We all know that in order to achieve the results on the outside, we need to transform the attitudes, beliefs and thinking processes on the inside. 

Our mindset, beliefs, attitude and ways of thinking are all connected to the way we feel and act in the world. 

This is part of the basis of three elements in NLP: personal mastery, interpersonal mastery and modeling mastery.

In Personal Mastery, you learn to control your states for effective decisions and self-empowerment. In Interpersonal Mastery, you enhance your communciation and influence. In Modeling Mastery, you learn to model after excellence through powerful linguistic models. 

So, you will probably want to connect with me if you want to:​

Case #1
Enhance Communication

Before coaching, Tian Yan was seeking to improve influence at work and with family. Using skills to blend the use of mind, body and emotion, he enhanced his ability to communicate to get much more positive results with the people he interacts with. ​

Case #2
Improved Life Satisfaction

Before coaching, Sally was feeling trapped in moving forward. After NLP coaching, she healed her relationships by using tools that enabled newer perspectives and behaviors which led her to create a higher quality of life and personal satisfaction.​

Case #3
Increased Sales Results

Kate was new in a leadership position, and required the capabilities to drive motivation and focus through her communication skills.

After this, her team was able to produce 40% more sales in a single day..

Case #4
Alignment with Goals

Felicia was a tutor who only did what she loved.

After NLP coaching, she eliminated inefficiencies in her work to create mental and emotional productivity resulting in a 57% increase in her intake in 2 months.

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